17 Men On What They Thought Was Physically Attractive In Their 20’s Vs. In Their 30’s

One of the biggest worries I had about growing up was the way dating was supposed to change from fun and easy to ??? something harder. But there’s actually a huge relief to dating more mature people, and what I look for has totally changed, I assumed this must be experienced by both genders. Over on r/AskMen guys talked about how what they seek out has changed over time.

1. I aim higher

“My standards have gone up a little from high school and early college, as I’ve realized that being with someone you’re not really that interested in isn’t a good situation for either person.

Other than that, I try to avoid having an idea of an “ideal mate,” because that way I’ll be pleasantly surprised when I finally meet her.”

2. I went from extroverts to introverts

“When I was younger (teenage), I was very shy and reserved. I exclusively dated quite extroverted girls, and it was always good.

In my twenties, I came out of my shell and became quite an extroverted person; now, I find I’m only attracted to quiet, shy girls.

Bit of a ying yang situation, attracted to my opposite.”

3. I started caring about personality

“When I was younger, I didn’t care about personality at all. Now I understand it’s the most important component of a happy relationship.

My ideal girl is smart, confident, considerate of others, and has some sort of plan for her life. I’m incredibly lucky that my girlfriend fits this description.

As for looks, I’ve always had a thing for cute brunettes with wavy hair and good posture. That said, I couldn’t care less about my partner’s hair color, ethnicity, or bust size as long as she’s attractive to me. It’s the whole package that counts, and a small number of variables do not accurately define that package. Hot girls be hot.”

4. I started to value enthusiasm more

“Ideally, I really like enthusiasm for life more than anything. Nothing is more attractive than someone who has a thirst for life and adventurous curiosity. Obviously looks are a factor and varies from person to person but in the long run, I don’t need someone to love all the same things I do. I just need someone who loves living life as much as I do.”

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