50 Little Things That Make A Man Feel Loved And Appreciated In A Relationship (That Have Nothing To Do With Doing The Deed)

It’s not so much about big, over-the-top gestures. Think about the little ways you make him feel loved every day.

1. Clear your head for a minute before you see each other so you can feel happy and excited and not bring the stress of your day with you.

2. Say ‘thank you’ every time he makes an effort to do something nice for you, or for your future together. Knowing someone is grateful for what you do never gets old.

3. Keep his favorite beer in your fridge.

4. On a special occasion buy a card and write as many statements as you can inside that begin with “I love that you…”

5. When it’s hot, bring him a cold beverage unprompted. When it’s cold, bring him tea or hot chocolate.

6. Hug him hello, hug him goodbye.

7. Rub your nails lightly all over his back when he’s stressed out.

8. Scratch the back of his head while you’re watching Netflix.

9. Learn how to give a great back massage, and give him one without him asking — or you needing one in return.

10. Figure out what his favorite meal is, and learn how to make an exceptional version of it.

11. Fill his car up with gas.

12. Find out what his love language is. It’s easiest for some people to feel loved in specific ways. When you find out which way this is, you can make sure you are communicating your feelings in the way they will best be able to “hear” you.

13. Ask him if he’s hungry and make a meal if he’s in the middle of something.

14. If you’ve having relationship issues, think clearly about them and what the most productive kind of conversation would be — and then have it. Don’t let yourself keep it inside until you are nagging or making mean, offhand remarks because you haven’t addressed what’s bothering you.

15. When fighting, always come from a place of being on the same team as your partner. Remember that you want to come together to figure out what would be best for you both. If one of you “wins” the fight, you both lose.

16. When you think of something about him that makes you happy, tell him or text it to him, even if it’s out of the blue.

17. Tell him he’s handsome.

18. If there are chores he absolutely detests doing, and you don’t mind, do them for him.

19. Bring him coffee in bed when you wake up before he does.

20. Tell him you miss him, when you do.

21. Refuse to let him leave without a kiss on his forehead.

22. Rub his feet when he’s been on them all day.

23. When you see him, smile.

24. If he works on a computer for his job, learn how to give a hand and forearm massage. It’s crazy how much tension you keep there when you’re using those muscles all day.

25. When you’re going to be gone for awhile, make his favorite cookies, bars, or cake for him to eat while you’re gone.

26. If you’re planning a low key Netflix night, make it slightly more special by lighting candles and making a fancy snack for the night like a charcuterie board.

27. Tell him what a great partner he is, point out reasons this is true.

28. Put his favorite candy and a nice note in his bag before he leaves for a trip.

29. Rub his arm when you’re sitting next to him.

30. Let him sleep in.

31. When he’s showering, write him a cute note in the steam on the mirror.

32. Make the two of you a fancy steak dinner at home, for no reason at all.

33. Tell him how attracted to him you are.

34. Run your hands through his hair.

35. Do some chore or task for him that he has been meaning to do, but procrastinating for months (or longer).

36. Get him a luxury product he wouldn’t get himself, like really nice lotion.

37. When he’s stressed about work, remind him how good at his job he is, and how lucky his employer is to have snagged him.

38. Buy supplies to make fancy cocktails at home one night when you get home from work.

39. Get up early and make pancakes or another fancy breakfast before work one day — the kind of thing that’s usually reserved for weekends.

40. Pack his lunch for him and leave a love note in with his favorite kind of sandwich.

41. When he talks, really listen. Leave your phone out of your hands when you two are talking.

42. Thank him for being such a good partner to you.

43. Get his vehicle detailed.

44. On a night you have nothing planned, surprise him by having his favorite movie rented. Especially if it’s something that’s not readily available to stream on Netflix or otherwise hard to fine.

45. Tell him how loved and how happy he makes you feel.

46. In the winter, start his car for him so that he can get into a warm vehicle.

47. Pamper him physically in ways that aren’t related to sex.

48. Tell him when you’re proud of him.

49. Always be on his side.

50. Say “I appreciate you.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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