‘There’s Someone In The House’: 14 Terrifying Stories Of A Creeper Caught In The Act

Here are some of the creepiest home invasion stories from Reddit that will make you never want to be home along again.


We found knives in our bedrooms

Our house was broken into when I was a kid. We were on vacation at the time but came home immediately. I remember the house being a complete mess. My father owns a business and at the time had just upgraded his home office to new Windows 95 computers, and an office of the 90s was a gold mine for home theives. The cops told us it was probably 5 or 6 pros, who promptly left when they heard on their police scanner that our new neighbors had called it in. None of us have ever felt that safety of a home. The most startling part was finding kitchen knives in all of our bedrooms. Knowing they had watched us for some time to know our schedule and finding weapons that the police confirmed were probably to be used if someone was home still keeps me up at night 20 years later.

I thought I was safe because I live in the woods

I go and walk my dog around my house pretty late at night (12 am-1 am)…maybe not the safest thing, but I live in the woods and away from people.

Anyways, I start walking downstairs and notice my sister’s door is open and the light is on…it struck me as odd considering she moved out 6 years ago, and nobody ever goes in there. I walk in to turn the light off and close the door and I see a man trying to hide behind the closet door (it’s broken, filled with boxes, so there was no real way he could hide from me).

I act like I didn’t see him and I went and grabbed my shotgun from in the other room. Went back in and told him not to move or I’d fucking kill him.

He jumped out from the closet and took off running as fast as he could, right past me, into the garage, and out into the woods. I could have shot him, but I didn’t.

I saw his face…a few days earlier he knocked on my door claiming to know my neighbor and said he was looking for copper to sell…asked if I knew or had any old copper he could have. I gave him a few old car batteries I had and that was that. He said he had two daughters he was trying to take care of…

I didn’t call the cops, but that’s the extent of my mercy…if he came back the next night he was dead.

They had been watching

When I was four, my parents worked long hours at a restaurant. They left my brother to babysit me until 10-10:30pm at night. He’s eight years older than me so 12 years old at the time. Every night When my parents come home they’ll ring the bell and I’ll run to greet them at the door with my brother. One day the bell rings and when I open the door, instead of my parents, it’s 4 guys standing there. Apparently They had been watching the house and knew the routine. They have guns and tell my brother and me to go downstairs and watch the t.v. as one of the guy’s stands guard over us. They let me sit there but they tie my brother up using his Nintendo cords. I remember going to tug at the cords at my brothers wrist (I wasn’t trying to untie him, it was more out of curiosity) and the guy actually pointed his gun at me and told me to stop. When they finished going through the house, they tie us both to a beam and leave. After a little while my brother wiggled out from the bindings and my parents came home. Cops were called and info was given to the police. They got a few pieces of jewelry and a camcorder.

Standing in our kitchen was a man

My mom had recently been making a lot of brownies. On this day, she made a particular batch that was greater than any of the brownies she had made before. We ate a few, but for some reason didn’t finish them and we left them out on the kitchen stove.

My mom, my sister and I all went to sleep later that night while my dad was out at a meeting. My mom, knowing my dad would be home in just a few minutes, didn’t think she needed to lock the doors before she went to sleep.

Now we’re all asleep and my dad pulls into the driveway. The first thing he notices is that our garage is open, and his bike is standing outside. Then he turns and looks into the house. Standing in our kitchen is a man.

My dad doesn’t realize what’s going on. At first, he assumes that one of his friends had come over, wanted to borrow his bike, but was waiting for him to come home so he could ask him. Then the man inside our house sprints out the back door.

My dad starts to chase him, but stops. He knows we’re inside, and he wants to make sure we’re OK.

So now we’re all gathered downstairs, and we notice something. The intruder walked into our house, and the first thing he would’ve seen is the kitchen table. On the kitchen table were three wallets, all untouched. Then we look over and see the plate of brownies, completely destroyed.

The man who had broken into our house skipped over our valuables and went straight for the brownies. At the time, I was more disappointed by the fact that we didn’t get to finish them than scared that we had kind of been robbed. Obviously my mom and dad were pretty freaked out, and they bought an alarm system for the house, and my dad didn’t sleep for a few days, but other than that, the only thing we lost were some brownies.

He was coming through the window

I was home midweek one time because my company gave us our dept the day off after pulling some all nighters. I was just sitting on the coach playing on the internet when I see a shadow across the back sliding glass door. I thought it might have been the neighbor’s dog who likes to come visit for treats every so often but I wasn’t in the mood so I ignored it. Then I get up to get something from the bedroom and happen to look in the hallway bathroom and there’s some dude trying to climb in through the window. I quickly run over and yank his leg down so he smashes his balls on the window sill. He’s yelling while I’m screaming bloody murder, hold his arm and just start wailing on his face, ribs, ears, etc. I shove him off and he just takes off running. I laughed at that one.

I heard him open my bedroom door

In 2003, I had just turned 18 and was kicked out of my house. I worked night shifts at Mcdonalds and moved in an old house (basement suite) with a guyfriend. I slept during the day obviously, since I did nightshift. Anyway, one day, about late morning, my roommate was at work and I was in bed. I could here an engine outside and then some fickling around the front door.

Somehow they had broke in. I could here them quickly and frantically moving around. I was completely frozen. I literally could not move. I decided to just keep lying there… facing the wall, not making a sound. Then my heart dropped, I heard my bedroom door open. I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep. I heard silence for a couple seconds, then footsteps running out the door. As soon as I heard my front door close and the engine start, I ran out and saw a van speeding away. By the way, they stole absolutely nothing. We had nothing of value. My bedroom was a mattress on the floor in a tiny closet area.

Caught in the act

Last year, I went out shopping for about an hour at 8 pm or so. When I came back, it was very cold in the house and I wasn’t sure why so I started looking around. The back door had the window broken and it was unlocked.

Checked for my computer, missing. iPad? Missing. Then I went upstairs to my room to see if my PS3 was taken, and I catch the fucker in the act. He was shorter than me, and looked really young, maybe a high school student. The first words out of his mouth were “please don’t hurt me”.

I asked him to give me back all my things and I wouldn’t call the cops. He gave all the stuff back, said sorry and handed me $20 for the inconvenience.

“Shoot me, bitch”

2 people came in and one held a gun up to my head. I knocked it to the side and said ‘shoot me bitch’.

The other guy held a gun up to my friend’s head and I let them do their thing, robbing me of about 5 grand. being 20 years old this was a decent amount of money. Same year also had someone throw a brick through the window of my house and get inside but as far as we can tell the dog chased him away.

This year an asshole tried to rob me at knifepoint and sliced me when I wouldn’t give him anything. My dog ended up biting him in the ass then chasing him into a little pond and swimming after him as he cried for me to call my dog back.

“I grabbed my sword”

One night about 7 year ago, Just moved in to my new home. The neighborhood was a good place no major crime. About 2 months after I moved in, I hear a huge bang at 2 am at the door and then a loud redneck voice. I am in bed (I sleep nude BTW), my first reaction is to grab the sword near my bed, and charge to the living room yell. The look on the guys face was priceless, a 300+ plus lb nude guy, with a sword yelling at the top of his lungs charging him. He GTFO asap, tripping over him self, and fell in the yard while running. Call the cops, put on some pants, and waiting on the cops to get to me. Once they arrived they had already had some one in custody, saw him trying to break in another home down the street. I confirmed it was him. Once trail came and pasted found out he was on meth, and looking for a abandon lot to crash in.

They took my brother’s piggy bank

When I was a little kid our house was broken into. We didn’t catch anyone in the act and I don’t remember what all was missing. I do remember maybe a couple weeks later — my folks were moving my brother’s dresser and behind it they found his plastic piggy bank slashed open, all his coins stolen. My mom lost it. After that, everything was locked up and even now, 30 years later — I double and triple check that doors and windows are all secure before leaving the house and repeatedly question myself when I go out of town.

A masked guy walked in

I live in a joint family system. My house is at the top and gas just finalized construction and this is the night we moved in. I’m at the ground floor, with my sister, and three cousins, and their parents. We’re all laughing and having fun watching tv when a masked guy with a gun walks in.

Now I’m scared shitless because this is Pakistan, and I’m an in closet atheist so I think he’s come for me. Instead, he beats up my uncle and starts asking them for money and jewelry. They go out of the room to look while this one guy watches us. Everyone is dead quiet, we are all kids in here. Aside from that one guy laughing and making jokes. He’s nice. The others…..not so much.

One comes in and says that they are from Afghanistan and that Pakistan has helped the U.S. destroy their country. So he is going to rob Pakistan. When we said that we obviously aren’t form the government, he says the army did it. I freeze. My dad, whose at the top floor is in the army. He has been deployed at the afghan border once.

No ones children are on the same floor as the parents and nobody knows what’s going on. I think our floor is the only one, and when they take everyone’s phones I thank god my nexus is in my room. Uncle comes back with mean thief. They didn’t find enough. Apparently someone told them that we had gold bricks hidden somewhere. This is where I start to calm down. They’re here for money. Not for me. He then tells the nice guy to shoot ME to get them to talk. We manage to talk him out of it. Though then they take my eldest cousin, and tell his parents if they don’t cough up more, they’re never gonna see him again.

After a bit more beating and searching they decide to leave. My dad comes down after they’ve left to check on everyone. He’s hurt pretty bad. Whoopie my nexus is gone. Thankfully didn’t touch my ps4 or ps3. Everyone is safe, though they were about to take a hostage. Also one of my cousins was apparently crying and begging the gunmen not to kill him to the point where the thief had to reassure him they are not. So yeah. Later police tells us one of them was killed in a showdown at another house when one of the neighbors called the police. My mother is traumatized by the incident. That’s pretty much it.

I forgot to lock the door

When I was about 8 years old my family and I were away on holiday staying at a motel. My parents had their own room, my sister was in the single bed room, and i was on a little fold out bed in the living room.

my parents went to bed early telling me to lock the sliding door before i went to bed then my sister went to bed shortly after. I forgot to lock it and went to sleep in my fold out bed located in front of the door.

Next morning woke up my parents wallets a bag and some cash was gone. robber came in through the door stepped over me when i was sleeping went into my sisters room stole her bag then went into my parents room stole wallets and cash from bed side table then walked back over me and were on their way Out.

Scary to think what he would of done if any of us had woken up but couldn’t sleep for a week after that and always concious about locking doors.

Screaming bloody murder

In college I had these neighbors upstairs that were a gay couple. One night we all were coming back, drunk from the bar. They went upstairs to their apartment, and I went to mine. Moments later after walking in I hear them upstairs screaming bloody murder. I see a guy in a jumpsuit running by my window and I ducked in the closet and called the cops. Evidently they walked in and saw a guy with a knife in his hand going through their shit(he must have just got there as he hadn’t found anything to steal yet). When my neighbors screamed, they told me the intruder got spooked, screamed and ran out of the apartment scared shitless. When the cops showed up to investigate, my neighbors got several possession charges (weed), and the younger one got an underage drinking charge. I felt pretty terrible, but I didn’t know what was going on.

They stole the babysitter’s purse

My story isn’t too dramatic but I remember when I was a kid, about 4-5 years old, someone broke into my house and stole my babysitter’s purse.

She was downstairs watching TV while my brother and I were having a nap. I was awake at the time and walked out of my bedroom, asking if nap time was over and saw the guy just down the hall in our kitchen. I remember him having short dark brown hair, average height and build, goatee, about 40 years old… When the guy saw me, he got spooked and ran out our back door.

As far as I’m aware, the police never caught the guy but he didn’t get away with very much. Maybe forty dollars in cash and a credit card or two at most. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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