27 Surprisingly Simple Ways You Know You’ve Found Your ‘Forever Person’

Liat Aharoni
Liat Aharoni

1. Sometimes you forget that you’re “in a relationship”. You don’t think about it as being something you are consciously doing, it just feels like the way your life was always supposed to be. It just feels like home.

2. When you’re with a group of your friends and they start complaining in a cute, jokey way about their significant other you feel oddly out of place. You know they’re not perfect but you don’t get the thrill out of complaining about them publicly that other people seem to get.

3. You never have to question whether they will be there for you. When you’re sick, when something happens to your car, when you need someone — they’re your call

4. And they never act like helping you out is a chore. They love the work of helping you because it is a gift they get to give to their beloved.

5. You can’t imagine life without them — but not because it’s more convenient to be partnered with someone to have a date for events and someone to share the rent with. You know you could do all those things on your own, it’s just better to do it with them.

6. Their parents feel like your parents, and vice versa.

7. You fight, because fighting is a healthy thing that happens when two people with two different minds get together — but it always feels like you’re fighting for something rather than against each other. You’re trying to work through whatever the problem is and see eye to eye. You’re always on the same team in an argument because your common goal is a better relationship for both of you.

8. The idea of posting a cryptic social media message about them with the hopes that they’d see it and wonder what’s on your mind (or try to make you feel better) is such an alien concept that it’s no closer to happening than a spaceship landing on your front lawn. When you have something to say to your partner, you say it to your partner.

9. On the flip side, it never feels like you’re putting on a show on social media either. There’s no one to make jealous because neither of you care about your exes and any friends you want to impress can already see how happy you both are. It radiates.

10. You compliment each other in oddly specific ways. Like, he runs super hot so he keeps the air conditioner on all the time — and you love to be bundled up in sweaters or cozy under blankets.

11. You’ve learned through dating them that real love — even the best kind — is work. But you don’t mind one bit because they are worth every amount of effort it takes to keep your relationship solid.

12. You get this giddy stupid grin on your face at random times throughout the day just thinking about the night before when you were laying on the couch together, making each other laugh.

13. When you think about all the things you love about them, the deep down values come to mind. Not “hot” but “kind”. Not “successful” but “motivated”.

14. In the past your relationships have started out with amazing sex because of the intensity of your attraction — but as time went on the frequency grew less and less. Instead, this time the sex just gets better as time goes on. You two have an incredible bond and it’s only natural that when you take the time to bond physically, it’s otherworldly.

15. You can’t remember the last time you felt bored.

16. No matter what you do, you’re always confident that you have their support. They give you room to make your own mistakes while letting you know that they’ll be there to help you figure it out if you fall. They’re your cheerleader, not your coach.

17. They’re the first person you want to text whenever anything good (or bad) happens. It doesn’t feel “real” until you’ve shared it with them.

18. Whenever you encounter someone who has a negative opinion of your SO it bewilders you. It’s not like you have rose-colored glasses on, you’re fully aware they possess just as many faults as most people do — it’s just that they are so full of redeeming qualities and just the brightest, shiniest person you can imagine knowing. It’s crazy to you that other people can’t see this spark.

19. In past relationships there have been moments where you’ve listened to your single friends talk and been a tiny bit jealous about how exciting and full of potential their lives are. But now… you just can’t imagine anything more exciting or full of potential than the relationship you already have.

20. It’s hard to get embarrassed in front of them. Even though you still care about being attractive to them and putting your best self in front of them, it’s also not the end of the world for them to see you when you’re sick or not at your best. You’re confident that their opinion of you is cement, it’s not going to change because you didn’t put on mascara.

21. Any rules you once made about never wanting to do X or be the kind of couple who Y don’t matter anymore. You love making them happy and if you do something you once considered “cheesey and gross” so be it! Those kinds of things really don’t matter anymore.

22. You’re happier spending time when them than you are doing any other favorite activity you’ve ever had.

23. You don’t need fancy dates to keep the attraction and sense of adventure alive. You could literally be happy with them living a simple, unexciting life. The list of thing you thought you’d “need” to have in order to be happy got a lot smaller once you got serious with them.

24. A day doesn’t feel complete when you spend it without them.

25. There’s no doubt in your mind that every year you’re becoming a better person than you were the year before, and that it’s because of them.

26. You don’t have doubts about your future together. They make you feel secure in their love and attraction to you, and you do the same. You have similar values, and you work out your disagreements in a healthy way. What else is there?

27. You don’t wonder “are they the one?” You know. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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