11 Babysitters Share The Creepiest Thing That Ever Happened While They Were Alone With The Kids

There was a trail of blood

Started with hearing crying like noises coming from outside, actually kind of sounded like a baby crying but the one I was babysitting was sound asleep. Went outside to investigate but didn’t see anything but when I closed the door there was blood on the floor behind me leading all the way through the kitchen and up the stairs. I didn’t want to act scared or anything in front of one of the other little kids I was babysitting so I just tried to act cool, kept saying “it’s alright probably nothing” while in my head I was screaming “What the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck”.

Went upstairs anyway by myself to investigate and the blood stopped and was smeared on the bathroom door, prooperly shitting myself at this stage. Opened it up and saw a cat bleeding from its face hiding in the bath tub. Turned out it just got in a fight with another cat and must have ran in when I opened to door to check outside, the noises were just those weird noises cats make when confronting each other. Parents also didn’t mention they had a cat so that didn’t help.

Only thing that confused me though was the blood on the bathroom door was pretty high up, not really sure how the cat could have got it up there. Needles to say though opening up that door was one of the most tense moments of my life, felt like I was in a horror movie.

I didn’t know this either…

Not scary in a horror movie type way, but nearly gave me a heart attack. As a young teen I didn’t realize that some babies sleep with their eyes open. Go in to check on the baby after an hour or so and I had a heart stopping few seconds when I thought he was dead.

The man at the door

My sister was babysitting once and a guy just came to the door and knocked for a while. She called my mom and my mom called the police department to send a squad car by. The guy left when the cop came and he came back and knocked again and tried to open the door. The cop drove by one more time and he didn’t come back.

Scream 2



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