11 Babysitters Share The Creepiest Thing That Ever Happened While They Were Alone With The Kids

“Daddy likes naked girls”

Once a I was baby sitting a pair of siblings one boy around 7 and his sister around 4 at the time. As I was getting the girl ready for bed she ran out of her room naked as her brother screamed “Ewwww gross put your clothes on I don’t like naked girls” the little girl chimed in saying “Daddy likes naked girls” Not sure why a four year old would say something like that/have knowledge of such a thing. Creeped me out a little.

The creepiest kids ever

My friend had to babysit his Mom’s friend’s two kids, a boy about 10 and a girl about 8, and he was able to have me hang out as well. The boy was aloud to play outside as long as he stayed near the house, but the girl had to stay inside.

The first thing that was weird was the girl never said a word. She sat on the couch and just sat there staring at us with huge eyes. Just…staring. We tried talking to her, but nothing.
We went outside to check on the boy, and caught him nailing a live snake to a board. We just backed away, went inside, and watched TV until we could go.



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