11 True Stories Of People’s Terrifying Encounters With Evil

A few weeks ago I asked Thought Catalog readers to share their scariest experiences with us. These are the scariest accounts our readers sent in. Tell us your own in the comments!

My Hissing Friend


It all happened about 18 years I was a junior in High School and during this point in my life I was frequently experiencing strange occurrences. Shadows caught in the corner of my eye, the feeling of being watched. Voices that seemed to be whispering in a strange language like an invisible swarm of bees flying around my head trying to speak to me.

However nothing compares to what occurred on this night. My bedroom had a bunk bed that ran along the east wall when you walked in. I had a single window that sat on the opposite wall directly across from me and I typically slept on the top bunk on my side, facing the window.

For some reason I was awaken suddenly out of a deep sleep and immediately succumbed to a feeling of being watched. As I adjusted from deep sleep to awakening, I noticed a shadow standing in the middle of my room. I knew immediately it was not cast from anything in the room because the shadow was standing in the middle of the only light that peered in through the window from the full moon that stood outside. The black shadow staring right at me began to let out a growl as it stood there that still gives me the creeps to this day. Before my still adjusting senses could make sense to what was going on it changed its gruesome growl to a high pitch seething hiss.

As it made this hissing sound it raised its arms up and what I can only describe as claw like fingers grew longer and longer until they reached across and down through my body. The feeling was unlike anything I have ever experienced before and every part of my body that it was ripping through felt a dead cold burn that registered absolute hopelessness and lifelessness, a very horrible and unequal feeling. Again the shadow let out the unforgettable hiss while it lifted its arms again, reaching out and clawing through me again… and again, and again.

As it repeated this I felt the hopelessness and lifelessness over and over tearing through what I can only say was literally my soul. My family is very religious and I was too at the time and knew I had to do something to get rid of this evil presence. So with what felt like all my might I slowly raised my left hand and said “with the power of Lord Jesus Christ I command you to be gone” and pushed at it, not with my muscle force, I felt like I was using an energy from within. During this instant the shadow was letting down one more rip but my efforts actually physically pushed the shadow slowly back.

Its seething hiss changes to a “heeeggghhhh” sound and it flew back and away in slow motion. But the shadow wasn’t done; it still stretched its claws out one last time to rip through me as it slowly flew back. I distinctly remember one of its fingers edge near my neck and curl around my medal chain I had on, as if hanging off the edge of a cliff. On the chain hung a crucifix and I never took it off. The shadow was still slowly fading back, the one claw curled around the chain allowed it to continue to hang on until I heard a “snap”. I will never forget feeling the chain unravel around my neck and slide off. The chain along with the crucifix fell off the side of my bunk bed and onto the ground. The shadow faded even more while still reaching out to me with both arms until it disappeared. Before all could register in my head I remember being so exhausted and drained from what just happened I literally hit the pillow and passed out back into a deep sleep.

The next thing I know, I’m waking up, its morning and I begin thinking about what had just happened. I remember thinking “wow that was a crazy dream that felt so real, as if I was awake. It had to be a dream because I still have my crucifix on”, and reach for it on my chest.

The crucifix is gone and my heart begins to pound. I look over the edge of the bunk bed to see if it still was in the spot I remember it falling to during the night and sure enough it was there, on the floor, rolled up and broken exactly as I remember it unraveling and falling over night. As the reflection of the cross and broken chain shined back towards me my heart was now pounding out of my chest because it was clear physical evidence to me that what I had experienced the night before was not a dream that felt undeniably real but an event with physical evidence. To this day it was one of the most terrifying and mysterious moments of my life. I strongly feel like I was able to defeat the evil shadow with sheer will and faith.



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