11 True Stories Of People’s Terrifying Encounters With Evil

A few weeks ago I asked Thought Catalog readers to share their scariest experiences with us. These are the scariest accounts our readers sent in. Tell us your own in the comments!

My chest demon

When I was 13, my older sister who was 20 or 21 at the time and had been having some issues with her relationship and drugs and depression. She came back home to live with us.

Naturally, she was staying in my room with me since I had the spare bed. There was a night very soon after she came home, I was asleep for just a bit, as was my sister. The room was dark. We were in a second floor apartment. My sisters bed was opposite mine but we were sleeping with our heads transverse from each other. I was able to look over and see her.

Now for the incident. I was sound asleep. I started to come to and it felt weird. I couldn’t move and I couldn’t breathe. I opened my eyes and in the dark room I could still see the dark figure on my chest. I could feel it on me. It was pushing me down with its weight. In my panic, I screamed out in fear.

The scariest part of my memory of this event is as I was screaming I specifically recall looking over to my sister as if I was attempting to get her help visually and I saw her sitting upright in her bed staring at me and screaming also. Suffice to say, My mom and step dad came in to see what was up and we determined there was nothing in the room.

The next morning, my sister confirmed to me that she saw the creature on me. She said she was screaming first and that’s when I woke and started screaming because I saw it too. To this day, 20 years later, she still says with clarity that she saw it. Her story has never changed. It has never come back to me. Just that once.



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