11 True Stories Of People’s Terrifying Encounters With Evil

A few weeks ago I asked Thought Catalog readers to share their scariest experiences with us. These are the scariest accounts our readers sent in. Tell us your own in the comments!

My friend who lived in the attic

I live in oh, USA, in a house built in 1931. As an infant I always stared at a corner in the living room. Upon getting older ( about 3), I told my mom I made a new, his name was Jay. She pushed it off as an imaginary friend, I talked to him often and told her about him. One day, I started whispering to the attic. She asked what I was doing so I told her Jay lives there, later that night her younger sister heard whispering in her room and saw a shadow in the corner. She told her mom in the morning and upon further research the man who built the house murdered his wife and only child for no apparent reason. The son’s name was Jay.

We still live here and my little brother has started talking to the attic.



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