11 True Stories Of People’s Terrifying Encounters With Evil

A few weeks ago I asked Thought Catalog readers to share their scariest experiences with us. These are the scariest accounts our readers sent in. Tell us your own in the comments!


We lived in a bungalow type house. The dinning room would be a hallway away from the two rooms facing each other.

I was in one of the bedrooms, after not finding an interesting show on TV I turned it off. I grab a magazine and flip through the pages. I usually love to read about horror stories or articles since it’s more interesting than the local news.

When I finished the last article I hear footsteps coming from the hallway. You see, I know my family really well, I know who’s footsteps belonged to who so when I heard a different type of thud my heart started beating fast.

The footsteps sounded like it was running around, it would run in circles at a certain part then ran back to the end of the hallway, it continued a few times. I wanted to wake my niece whom was peacefully sleeping but she wouldn’t even stir. Gulping down, I went to open the door and ran to the dining room where the hallway ends.

I saw my other niece watching TV with the maid and my father cooking. With a shaky voice I asked “We’re you running around?”

My 6 year old niece looked at me oddly before shaking her head. “We’ve just been watching T.V. ever since you went inside.” The maid answered.

I looked at my father whom was suddenly intrigued of my sudden nervousness “Pa, didn’t you hear anything?”

He shook his head.

“Someone was running around.”I exclaimed.

My father shook his head with a smile.

“Must be one of our friends again.”

Our house used to be a rice field, they say the Spaniards killed some people here and left hidden until someone find their remains.



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