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28 People Share The Creepy Stories Of The Scariest Thing They’ve Ever Experienced

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My dream predicted someone’s death

I was telling a friend about a dream in which our mutual, deceased friend Bill appeared. Bill leaned his elbows on a desk and said to me, “I’m waiting on the red-haired woman.” Another friend standing nearby, who had never known Bill, became noticeably upset. She had long red hair. A few months later she was was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and she didn’t survive.

I was shot with an unknown substance, am I a test subject now?

I was working with some friends cleaning up houses in New Orleans one summer after Katrina. We mostly picked up trash and pulled weeds in yards so we were always by the street. So one day we are going about our normal business and this white van pulls up. A lady in business attire steps out with a clipboard and starts asking me random questions about what we are doing, where we are from and so on, pretty normal.

After about a minute of these questions, the door to the van slides open, and what appeared to be children jumped out, dressed from head to toe in white hazmat suits and wearing gas masks. They then ran around screaming shooting my friends and I with water guns. At least I hope it was water. After they had doused everyone they and the woman they had come with ran back into their van which then sped off down the street without any explanation.

To this day that still bogles my mind. What was that all about? Was it supposed to be refreshing since it was summer and hot as hell outside? I wasn’t refreshed I was terrified.

A doppleganger prediction

I turned 21 before my friends did, so naturally being an alcoholic I went to bars alone. I was waiting in line one night and an attractive woman who had clearly had too much to drink came up to me and started rubbing on my chest. (I’m was a single man so if an attractive woman wants to rub me I was fine with that) She said how attractive I was and then started saying how much she missed me. (we were strangers.) She started sobbing uncontrollably. By that time her friends had caught up with her and saw her crying just before she turned and ran away from me. One of her friends chased after her and the other walked up to me and said, “Sorry about that. Her boyfriend just died 2 weeks ago in a motorcycle accident.” She was looking at me kinda funny but that whole situation was kinda funny. I said no problem and that I was sorry for her loss. She said, “Its weird, can I tell you something?” yes, I replied. “You look exactly like her boyfriend. Like, EXACTLY like her boyfriend. We saw you as soon as she did. We froze and didnt know what to do when she ran up to you. OMG YOU LOOK EXACTLY LIKE HIM!” We briefly exchanged plesantries and I went inside for a stiff drink. 3 months later I was hit in a horrific motorcycle crash and nearly died.

My night of horror

I was a nanny for about five years to a wealthy family, they lived in an enormous house on a lake. The mom had had a lot of close relatives pass away in a brief amount of time and was struggling with grief. The kid was about 6 months old and mom had gone to her counseling session to help accept the loss of her loved ones, and weird stuff started happening the minute I got there. Toys lined up on the counter by themselves, I saw a piano chair pull itself away from the piano, called my sister thinking I was going crazy and she asked me if there were other people there because she could hear people talking in the back ground, and finally the baby started screaming in his crib like he had been pinched. I ran upstairs to get the baby from his crib but the door closed in my face, when I finally got it open he was in the middle of his floor reaching up to something in the corner like he wanted to be picked up. All these events happened within a 45 minute window, it was intense. We ran outside and stayed there until his mom came home, she claimed to have similar experiences which was making it difficult for her to heal from her losses. Scary. Ass. Shit. I still worked there for a long time and nothing happened after that.

My ex-boyfriend may have fake-died?

When I was in college, my ex-boyfriend (who I was making moves toward getting back together with, and still ran in the same social circle with) died suddenly. Apparently he was sick and I had no idea, no one knew a thing. Of all our mutual friends, a guy I barely knew was the one who called and told me he was in a coma, and then later that night that he’d died. His best friend came over to my apartment unannounced the next day, but did not bring it up until I finally couldn’t hold it in anymore and said, “So…did you hear about…?” She said, “Yes, of course,” and changed the subject. I was still completely shell-shocked, she seemed a little down. Not like her lifelong best friend just dropped dead out of the blue the night before.

I went to the funeral and most of our friends weren’t there. Nowhere near the number of people you’d expect at a healthy young man’s funeral. Of who was there, nobody seemed really upset but me. I know everybody grieves differently, but even his family weren’t particularly dressed up or devastated; his young sisters were giggling with each other the whole time. Weirdest of all, of the people I talked with, nobody seemed really clear exactly what sudden illness he’d died of. I’d like to have seen him one last time, but it was closed casket.

I’m 99.9 percent sure he’s really dead, but the circumstances surrounding it were so abrupt and strange that I wonder sometimes if the whole thing was faked really, really well.

My creepy burglar

When I was 18 my car was broken into. I was on my way to work, so when I noticed I immediatly called the police. Once they arrived we started sifting through the glass, documenting all that was taken. All the valuables were there… my CD player and phone accessories were in tact. The only items missing were the contents of my center console: senior year photos, lip stick, my hairbrush, perfume and my weekly work schedule. The Police advised me not to go to work for the remainder of the week.

A saint returned my Power Ranger to me

When I was around 5 or 6, I was a huge fan of Power Rangers. And I had this huge room which was only for toys and playing.

One day, mom comes around and says we have to go out. I ask her if I can take my power ranger with me. She says yes, so I go to the play room to get it. After looking for it for about 5 minutes, I tell my mom that I can’t find it. She says she’s ready to go. So I do this thing we have here in Brazil where we ask a saint for something that is missing in exchange for 3 little jumps (seriously…). And so I did.

I want my Power ranger

After I said that, just like that, my power Ranger fell from the ceiling right in front of me. I gave the three jumps and took it with me.

I was surprised. I even told it to my mom about 5 times. But not as surprised as I would be if that happened to me today.


Deja vu

First one occurred in back in elementary school. I had this really odd and realistic dream that my grandfather was driving me down this wooded highway. We pass this nondescript vacant brick building and he says “That used to be a gunpowder mill back during the the civil war” and then I woke up. I didn’t think much of it until a few days later when my family and I were driving to see a 4th of July fireworks show at a nearby park. I noticed the road we were on seemed familiar and then suddenly I saw the EXACT same building from my dream, surroundings and all. I started freaking out but calmed down once we got to the park. Some other family members were there and when I found my grandfather I asked him if he knew anything about the old brick building next to the road. He told me it was a civil-war era gunpowder mill. I still get chills thinking about it. I have no known connections to this building and I can find hardly anything about it. It is located in the small village of Goes Station, OH.

Voices in the caves

I work as a cave guide and lead tours where we take people actual spelunking. Well one day we take a group down in the cave and everybody is having a good time. We stop to take a break at a part of the cave where you can hear the underground stream that flows through the cave. We have everyone turn out there head lights where it’s complete darkness, it’s very relaxing. Then all of a sudden we start hearing what sounds like people talking out in front of us and sounds of what seems to be rocks being thrown in the water. The thing is there is a 100 ft drop in front of us and the stream is at the bottom of that 100 ft drop. I’ve never heard anything like that before in the cave and neither had the other guide that was with me. It was kinda creepy, but we decide it’s just the sound of water sounding like voices, because sometimes if you listen long enough, the water sounds like muffled voices. However, I have never heard that noises coming from that particular spot it’s usually off towards the right of where stop. Which is why it was creepy, this was directly in front of us. We continue and complete the tour and after cleaning up some of the gear decide to go record the noises with our phones. As we are going back into the cave a different tour is coming out. This tour takes people on concrete trails through a different part of the cave, but the walk by where the spelunking tour begins. The guide off this tour looks at the both of us and a little surprised and asks “How did y’all get out so fast?” We are just like dude we have been out for an hour. He says that his whole tour could hear people talking back in the cave where the spelunking tour goes. Now everybody is kinda creeped out and we have to call the law enforcement officer and go look for people that snuck into the cave. We never find anybody or evidence of someone sneaking in.

Did I predict 9/11?

In August 2001, I was attending a wedding in New York. I stood across the bay (harbor? idk) from the World Trade Center, and thought “this is the last time I’ll ever see this.”

I immediately chastised myself for being ridiculous and morbid, because really, I went to NYC fairly regularly at that time, at least once a year, so of COURSE I’d see it again. What, was I expecting to die or something?

I had forgotten about it, actually, until a few years later when I found my old journal from that time period. Weird.

“Are you so willing to throw your life away?”

I was meditating one night before going to sleep, when I saw a giant eye in my head. Being curious, and the fact that I have never seen anything before while doing this, I “moved” towards it. As I got to the edge, I heard a voice from both inside and outside my head, that asked, “Are you so willing to throw your life away?” I sat bolt upright, eyes wide open and fully awake, but there was nothing else.

Two weeks later I was sleeping, and woke up suddenly a little after 3. Like, from a dead sleep to wide fucking awake. I looked around my room and noticed a shadow in the corner across from my bed. I turned on the light and it was a human sized…thing? Like a three dimensional shadow. Stood up, blinked a few times, walked over to it, and examined it a bit closer.

After determining that I wasn’t imagining it, I backed out of my room and went into the bathroom. Took a piss, washed my face, and made damn sure I was awake. Went back into my room, and it was still there. Laid down, turned the light off, looked directly at it and said, “I need to go to sleep now. I won’t be able to if you stay there, so could you go away?” Thing faded away, but there was no way I was sleeping after that.

Don’t know if the two were related, but I always felt they were. Still freaks me out at night though.

Sleep driving, waking up bloody

So, at last years’ Relay for Life at around 2-3 A.M., I was sitting with my friends and I must have doze off. I usually can’t sleep and at this moment I’ve been awake for over 48 hours. I guess I was sleep walking but my friends recall me getting up, mumbling something, and stumbling away. They thought I was just getting something from my car and coming back. I recall waking up at the parking lot close to my car, laying on the ground. As I get up, I take very small steps all the way to my car, and black out again. I constantly wake up in my car, in the middle of different roads, as my car is slowly rolling forward or parked. I live around 20 minutes away from the event, but I made it home at my house around 4 hours since I got up away from my friends, so at around 6 somethin in the morning. When I woke up in my bed, I was covered in blood and scratches, but my car was in perfect condition, so I did not get into a crash. The following days I asked everyone I was with for the night if they recall me doing anything but nobody knows what happened or how I’m alive. Sleep walking is a bitch.

During a night of drinking, someone shaved me

A buddy picked me up to go to a couple bars, have a few drinks and what not. Everything was fine, I had a nice little drunk going on. Around 11pm, I went outside to smoke a stogie, then… boom I woke up at my house in my bed, the following morning. I don’t recall even leaving the bar, let alone how I returned home, I had multiple missed calls from my buddy. Called him up to see what happened, and he said I just disappeared. The creepy part is, after got off the phone with him, I went to the restroom, to realize, some way, some how, during the time I went M.I.A. I had received a haircut and someone shaved my face…. hmm weird, I do my business, only to realize my wiggly bits had been groomed as well, with expertise precision, I must add, not a missed hair, nick or cut. Still to this day don’t know what happened, but upon sharing this story with other friends, I was spotted at other bars though out the night, pre-hair cut, and alone.

I saved my own life

I used to have premonitions as a kid. One time, walking down the sidewalk of a busy street, I felt like something bad was going to happen. I “saw” in my mind’s eye that I was going to get hit by a car. I stopped in my tracks for about 15 seconds, looked around to see there was no traffic on this side of the road, then slowly kept walking. About 5 seconds later a car hopped the curb and knocked over a trash can.

I woke up to a sign on my second-floor window

I woke up one morning with a pentagram, scraped out of the frost, on the outside of my bedroom window. My bedroom was on the second floor, and while there was a first floor roof, there were only 3 prints in the snow on the first floor roof which had probably ten feet between the edge and my window.

Also, no prints in the show at the ground level.

This was 20 years ago, and I still wonder what it was about.

A terrible coincidence (or premonition)

Welp, here goes. I’m a writer, and in early March of this year, I read about a short story contest due May 1st in which the winner would have their work published. I don’t know why this came to mind, but I thought to make an allegorical tale in which a woman, whose lover dies by drowning after jumping off a bridge, dreams her way through the five stages of grief as explained by various scenes involving water (for example: in the ‘denial’ stage, she goes into a house that’s being flooded to urge the residents to leave, but this family just sits on the couch watching television and refuses to admit they’re being flooded even as the water rises up before their eyes). This was March 11th. On March 13th, my boyfriend committed suicide by jumping a bridge into the Hocking River. He had no idea what I was writing. I only got into the planning stages of that short story. There’s no fucking way I’m going to finish it now.

My dog teleported

People don’t believe me when I tell them, but my dog appeared out of thin air in my room once. The door was closed & I was in my room for a good hour, when all of a sudden I hear a weird yelp. I turn around and my pup was already at the door scratching to get out.

He came back to warn them

My SO’s grandparents grew up on a tea farm in Bengal, where flash floods are common. (And highly dangerous.)

One night they’re driving home from the community hall, which was basically the only thing to do on weekends. It’s beginning to rain and very late. You cant see more than 20 feet ahead.

Still, nothing they haven’t encountered a hundred times before–certainly nothing worth worrying about …yet.

So they’re approaching small bridge right before their home, one they’ve taken multiple times in the rain. Before crossing, a beloved groundskeepers appears a few feet ahead. He waves them down, “You must go around the bridge, this one is flooded on the other side!” They thank him and turn back to the center to stay the night.

The next morning they return back to the village to find the bridge completely destroyed. They learn an unknowing car had been swept away trying to cross. Before they could ask who it was, a neighbor auntie ask why they turned around. They let them know about the groundskeeper’s warning.
She goes white as a ghost and after a bit responds, “He was in the car taken by the broken bridge. There is no way he could have warned you.”

Someone else was there

When I was about 14 my friend and I went bow hunting on his dad’s property. Mainly we just walked around the woods all day messing around. As it started to get dark he called his dad to pick us up so he would drive us to his mom’s house. His Dad asked us to wait at a certain spot right by the road at the edge of the property.

It quickly got very dark, and for some reason, I don’t even remember why, we waited sitting down facing each other about 50 feet from the road, in a spot that was pretty dense with trees. There was absolutely nothing around here but the road and the trees for at least a mile.

We were talking about whatever 14 year olds talk about when suddenly I saw light hitting my face. It came from above, I looked up, but I couldn’t see what exactly or how high it was. It was very focused, white, and only seemed to hit my face, nothing around me. My friend also saw it and both of us were very panicked and freaked out. The light hadn’t come on and then moved to my face, it was on me from the moment it came on. It shone for about 3, maybe 5 seconds, and then went back off. There didn’t seem to be anything in the trees, or above them, although it was damn dark, but we were both convinced it came from above the trees. We heard nothing, even though the night was super quiet and we both said nothing the moment it appeared.

We booked it to the road and waited for his dad. I’m freaking out a bit just typing this almost 15 years later…

Dad’s blessing

My dad passed away a year and a half ago and since then, my family (two sisters, brother in law, and mom) have vowed to take a family vacation every year because my dad loved travel and we didn’t get to do it with him nearly enough – something I think we all regret. This year we went on vacation to Maui which was one of his favorite places in the world.

We landed at the airport, turned on our phones and started checking messages, voicemails, etc. as we taxied to the gate. I pull up my email and I have a message from my parents’ joint email address (still labeled as dad) and it’s pictures that he and I had messaged back and forth not long before he died. My sister opens her email and she too has a message except these were pictures of her wedding that were taken a few months prior to his death. Mom opens hers and she has a different set of pictures. Each of these emails were sent at the exact same time (the day we landed in Maui) but in the body of the email, looked to have been forwarded on different dates. None of us know how to explain it. So weird.

I saved her life

My grandmother lived in a very rural community. My aunt, who lives with my parents, was visiting my grandmother when 9/11 happened. When I got home from school that day, I didn’t feel right. I felt like my grandmother had to be with me and with my family. I begged my grandmother to come back with my aunt. She finally agreed and I immediately felt better. The next morning, she began vomiting blood. My parents rushed her to the ER and she was immediately taken into emergency surgery for a massive blockage and colon cancer. If she hadn’t come back with my aunt, she would have died.


My uncle told this really fucking creepy story about a good friend o his who worked in the K-9 unit (he is a police officer). K-9 officers have to take their dogs home at night. The officer and his wife were having marital issues and they had been angry with each other. The wife told the officer to put the dog outside and so he did. Locked up the house, went to bed. About 10 minutes later, the dog comes into the room and starts bothering the couple. The wife says “I thought I told you to put that damn dog outside!” The officer replies with “I did…” “Well he got back in!” The officer then gets up to put the dog back outside and when he reaches the sliding glass door, he sees his dog, barking and growling running around. He immediately lets go of the dog in his hand and stands back. The dog proceeded to stand on 2 legs, and walk through the glass and disappear into the night. After the officer got divorced, occasionally he will have contact with the wife and she has reported seeing the same demon-dog thing multiple times and before when she was a child.

I really hope this isn’t a premonition

Buried for sure. When I was younger, I would have these recurring dreams. In the dream I was a kid in elementary school and for some reason or another, I would miss the bus and have to walk home. as I would walk, There would be a solar eclipse. During the eclipse, The people, and everything around me would turn grey, like their souls or lives were being removed. I would run home as fast as I could. Just as I reached my neighborhood, the eclipse would end, and the world would come back to life. It was a terrifying dream, and it would happen periodically. once around a campfire, I told 2 of my friends, They turned white, as I told it, because they had the same dream. They explained the details I left out. We all had the same dream, on the same nights. It still scares me, and I still have the same dream occasionally.

 Marco Arment
Marco Arment

I ran into a silent stranger at night

When i was 14 i used to walk down to the local elementary school late at night during the summer to sit on the swings and get some fresh air. id usually be there around 2 or 3 in the morning.

One night i kept hearing a strange noise coming from the middle of the playground field, so i went to investigate. it was pitch black and i had no light source except the lights from the school 150 or so yards behind me.

When i got to the edge of the field i saw what looked like a person sitting in the grass, so i pulled out my shitty flip phone to try to provide some extra light which didn’t help at all. but it appeared the person was sitting on the grass rolling around. so i yelled “is someone there, are you okay?”

They didn’t answer to i turned my phones camera on and used the flash to snap a picture. the light from the flash provided me a second to see a woman sitting in the grass holding her feet and rolling around making almost no noise.

I didn’t know what to say or do, so i turned around and ran all the way home, still have no idea who she was or what the fuck she was doing.

Someone was out there

One night I was watching a movie in the living room of my grandma’s gigantic house (she was sleeping upstairs and I was the only one there besides her) and right after the movie ends and I decide to go upstairs, I hear loud fast footsteps near the window closer to the TV (like someone was running loudly). But it was around 2AM. And it’s a closed property, so no one SHOULD be there. And the dog, outside, barked as well. I was sure someone was there. No one knocked. I went to get a big fucking knife and opened the door. I did this really fast. No one was out there. The dog was confused and didn’t know where to look at but he was looking for something, so I wasn’t crazy. And there was no fucking way somebody would be out of there so fast, because nobody can enter or leave the property unless they have the remote controller or a key for the gate, but even that would take long. So I just went inside really scared and brought the dog in as well. And I slept with him on that living room with lights and the TV on. To date I have no fucking clue what that was. But both me and the dog would agree someone was there. Fuck. I’m scared again.

The man in the rain

It was not me it was my father.

He was in a van going to a church function somewhere in Iowa. They were traveling down the highway when they saw a guy walking down the road and the youth pastor decided to pick him up since it was raining.

They asked the guy where his destination was it was just past the town they were heading to.
The rain turned into a very strong storm it was late afternoon and it was pitch black outside. The group kept in high spirits singing church songs.

When they were going past the town they couldn’t see anything. Shortly after passing the town in the middle of nowhere the gentleman said this is my destination.

It is still storming bad outside. The youth pastor says we can take you farther. The guy says this is where I need to be. So they stop about 2-3 miles past this town.

The guy then asks for some money. The youth pastor felt moved to give him the 4 $100 bills in his wallet, all the money he had.

The guy exits the van a large crack of thunder turns their heads away. They look back there is no man there anymore. Split second and he is gone and the rain had just stopped.

The group was shocked they said a prayer for the guy and went back toward town. They turned onto the exit for the town and saw the town it had been ravaged by a tornado about when they were going past on the highway. They went into the town to immediately start helping people. Later that night the youth pastor pulled out his wallet and there in his wallet are 8 $100 dollar bills.

The visitor

My SO got asked to house sit for a friend, it’s a really old house built in the early 1900s.

She invites me over to giggity. We proceed to “do our thing ” when I hear some creaking up stairs. We’re in the moment so I think nothing of it.

20 mins later a hear a loud BOOM and the power cuts out completely, and the dogs inside are going NUTS. When your in moments like this you don’t think like in the movies and “go check things out ”

We got real quiet and stayed put , her the farthest away in case I had to die first.

The power comes back on and we talk our selves down and fall asleep.

That next morning we find there are wet foot prints leading INTO the freaking house! (A side opposite of us ) and the front door was open.

They are still wet so obviously not that old.

The owners of the house called the cops and nothing suspicious found.

A few things bother me though, the noise upstairs, the power cutting out.. And of course why the foot prints didn’t head our direction. The timing just don’t add up.

The one thing that is sends chills down my spine is that she had been there alone for a few days and just texted me randomly out of the blue, half scared, half horny.

It makes me think that I threw whomever was there’s plans off (I’m a former line backer if that tells you anything about possible deterrence) but still… TC mark

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