28 People Share The Creepy Stories Of The Scariest Thing They’ve Ever Experienced

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My dream predicted someone’s death

I was telling a friend about a dream in which our mutual, deceased friend Bill appeared. Bill leaned his elbows on a desk and said to me, “I’m waiting on the red-haired woman.” Another friend standing nearby, who had never known Bill, became noticeably upset. She had long red hair. A few months later she was was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and she didn’t survive.

I was shot with an unknown substance, am I a test subject now?

I was working with some friends cleaning up houses in New Orleans one summer after Katrina. We mostly picked up trash and pulled weeds in yards so we were always by the street. So one day we are going about our normal business and this white van pulls up. A lady in business attire steps out with a clipboard and starts asking me random questions about what we are doing, where we are from and so on, pretty normal.

After about a minute of these questions, the door to the van slides open, and what appeared to be children jumped out, dressed from head to toe in white hazmat suits and wearing gas masks. They then ran around screaming shooting my friends and I with water guns. At least I hope it was water. After they had doused everyone they and the woman they had come with ran back into their van which then sped off down the street without any explanation.

To this day that still bogles my mind. What was that all about? Was it supposed to be refreshing since it was summer and hot as hell outside? I wasn’t refreshed I was terrified.

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