5 Things Every Basic Bitch Should Be Proud Of

We get a bad rap, but basic bitches aren’t so bad.

Her positivity

It’s not easy to have a positive attitude day in and day out. Every single day there’s a new tragedy in the news and new struggles in our own lives. The world will never perfect so it’s up to us to control our reaction to it. Basic bitches get a lot of shit for having “inspiration” boards on Pinterest and always making their friends see the sunny side of things, but it’s much healthier and makes you and the people around you happy.

Her gratitude

The #blessed hashtag gets a lot of hate, but there’s nothing better you can do for your mental health than have an attitude of gratitude. Everyone should spend time every day thinking about the ways in which they are blessed. It’s the foundation of good mental health.

Joie de vivre

Far from getting sucked into the day to day drama of life, basic bitches are fun loving and happy. They have sparkle. She sees every day as an opportunity to celebrate life (Champagne Thursday, anyone?). Even watching TV turns into an event which Bachelor themed cocktails and mood lighting. There’s nothing that’s too mundane for her to spruce up.

Being a good friend

There’s nothing a basic bitch won’t do for her friends. What she lacks in originality she more than makes up for in loyalty and love. Whether it’s an (intentionally ugly) duck-faced Snapchat or a card with a Sex and the City quote on the front, love and appreciation is something she never forgets to express. To hell with all the hard-hearted people that want to put this down, if you’re not going to love the people in your life and tell them so — what’s the point of living?

A desire for self-improvement

Basic bitches love self-improvement, it’s why we buy Cosmo and Shape every month. We want to be the best versions of ourselves. Who cares if the path we take to get there involves cheesy Deepak Chopra affirmation cards or rewatching The Secret? The end goal is someone who is learning, growing, and improving. That’s the most we can ask for in each other. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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