30 Little Statements Every Woman Should Be Able To Honestly Say


1. “I like who I am.”

2. “I’m not perfect, but I am improving every day.”

3. “I try to take good care of myself.”

4. “I can say no to social events I don’t want to attend.”

5. “What other people think of me is none of my business.”

6. “I am learning all the time.”

7. “I don’t need to compete with my friends. I hope we all are successful.”

8. “I find outlets for my stress instead of letting it build up inside.”

9. “I am a good person.”

10. “I want the best for those around me.”

11. “I use criticism where it’s helpful, but never to simply insult or hurt someone.”

12. “I don’t need to be liked by every single person in the world.”

13. “There is no one I actively resent. I let go of or work through feelings of hurt rather than needlessly holding on to them.”

14. “Some of my goals scare me.”

15. “I am a happy person.” Or at least, “I am working towards becoming a happier person.”

16. “I can see what other people like about me.”

17. “I am a very capable person.”

18. “I am trustworthy.”

19. “When I realize I don’t enjoy something about my life, I work to change it.”

20. “I am confident that I am building the life that I want.”

21. “I don’t allow myself to get sucked into drama that doesn’t involve me.”

22. “My future looks bright.”

23. “I look out for myself and make decisions that will benefit me in the future.”

24. “I am someone my friends can count on.”

25. “I am an asset to my employer.”

26. “I can solve any problem that occurs in my life.”

27. “There are things I am passionate about and I make it a point to engage with them regularly.”

28. “I am someone my younger family members can look up to.”

29. “I’m not perfect, but I am always improving.”

30. “I love life.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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