17 People On Their Real Experiences With A Shadow Person

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Sacred Blood Cemetery

A few years ago I went on a night time walk with a good friend through a cemetery. It’s name was sacred blood cemetery, as if it wasn’t creepy enough already. After a while we just felt creeped out but didn’t see anything so we decided to head out. We turned around and about 30 ft away there appeared to be a dark outline of something peering at us from behind a tree. Something felt sinister, my heart started pounding and the air seemed really thin. I tried to dismiss it at first as being part of the tree, but as we walked around the tree, it seemed to move with us to remain hidden behind the tree. It could have been nothing but we ran like hell thinking about the horror stories that seem to revolve around shadow people. Absolutely terrifying.

My friend’s haunted house

About a week ago a co-worker and I were chatting and I mentioned how much I enjoy reading and watching things about the paranormal. He said he had taken an interest in it as well because he and his wife actually live in a house that’s haunted. It’s weird because we have known each other for nearly two years and this is the first time anything like this had come up.

His wife showed up to pick him up from his shift and he said he told me about their house. She began describing some of the things they have seen and heard and he invited me to come hang out, that maybe we would all see something so that it would be more than just the word of the two of them (they have told their families about it, but got completely blown off).

Anyways, last night was the only night he and I had the same evening off so he gave me directions and I showed up at his place around 8 pm. We ordered pizza, had some beers and basically laughed and joked nearly the entire time. At around 10:30 I was like, well, nothing has happened (as I expected) so I guess I’ll take off. My friend said before I go I should see his manga collection, so I was like ok cool.

He took me into a spare bedroom where he keeps all of his collectibles and while we were in there I look up and see his wife’s face go white as a sheet. She is looking behind us, facing the door. I see my friend turn his head to look behind me and his jaw just drops. I slowly turned my head and right there in the doorway about five feet from me is the solid black outline of a person just standing there.

We stared at it for a good minute or so not saying anything and it just gradually faded. Then we all looked at each other just awe struck. They had never actually SEEN anything like that before, mostly just sounds, smells and feelings and maybe a fleeting shadow like one time.

Needless to say we were all just flabbergasted. It didn’t feel threatening, but it was very cold in that hallway as we walked out. I could barely sleep when I got home. I just can’t believe it. To now KNOW that these things are real. I’m just questioning everything right now, I can’t concentrate on my daily routine at the moment. I can’t get that image out of my head. It was amazing, not even really scary. I just had to share though.

A friendly shadow person

So one night I was visiting my grandma. She lives in the middle of po-dunk nowhere here in the deep south. A little backstory – this year, her husband died, IN HER ROOM, and her ex-husband also died in the hospital.

I was visiting to keep her company and whatnot.

Anyway, we were laying in bed watching The Dead Files on Travel Channel, and Amy Allan is talking about shadow people.

My grandma randomly asks, “What’s a shadow person?”

I give her my best explanation, not thinking much of it. A little while later she reveals to me that for a period of about 2 weeks, very recently, she had a shadow person visit her EVERY NIGHT. It would lay in the bed with her and talk to her. She said it never felt scary, just kind and comforting. An “everything-is-going-to-be-okay” type entity. She did not sense that it was my grandfather or step-grandfather.

Still it freaked me the eff out so I slept in the bed with her that night. In the shadow person’s spot! Haha. I wasn’t sure what would be worse. Sleeping alone or sleeping where the shadow person sleeps.

Has anyone else heard of something like this?

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The real reason we moved

I was around 4 – 5 years old. I have a great memory, it’s kind of creepy to some because I have a photographic memory. Anyways, the house I lived in, my brothers and I swore to be haunted. The basement was the worst.

Picture this, you walk down a set of stairs, you look to your right, it’s a rumpus room. Ahead of you is a doorway to the laundry room, and the left of you is a hallway, at the end of that hallway is two rooms on your left and right. My older brother stayed in the room on the left, and his friends would NOT sleep over because of a shadowy figure in his closet always staring at them, or so my brother claims.

The room on the right, is where my uncle stayed in… Now this where it gets fucked up. My older brother was babysitting my twin brother and I, and we all played hide and seek, my twin and I went hiding, while my older brother seeked. I ran into my uncles room on the right, and into his closet. I sat down on the floor, and I felt a hand on my shoulder. At the time, I thought it was my twin brother, I remember asking “hiding in here too?”, to which there was no reply. Five minutes pass and I felt cold, so I left the closet THINKING my brother was following me. I went upstairs to the living room and both my brothers were sitting on the couch asking where I hid. They couldn’t believe where I told them because they think that the basement in general is creepy.

Fast forward a few nights, and my older brother was babysitting again, only my twin brother went grocery shopping with my mother and uncle at around 7 pm. We were rough housing and wrestling in his room, and we acted like we wrestled “outside of the ring” and into my uncles room which we considered a backstage. Mid-wrestle, the closet door swung open on it’s own like a blast of wind… My brother and I stopped wrestling, and stared in awe. A tall, dark, shadow man walks out of the closet and my brother books it out of the room leaving me behind. The shadow figure walks towards me, and stops in front of me. I proceed to run out of the room and down the hallway, up the stairs and by then, my uncle, mother and twin brother got home as I started crying on the stairs.

Rent went higher, we moved and that was that, or so I was told from my mother.

A few years ago, I get around to asking my uncle if his room was creepy in that house. He told me that yes, his closet would open on it’s own in the middle of the night. He told me that a shadow man would sometimes walk out of his closet and would sometimes stand at the foot of his bed. He also told me that this shadow figure wasn’t evil, and that he had a comforting presence, so he didn’t complain much. The shadow figure only came around once every few weeks. My uncle then told me the house’s grim history and the real reason we moved… My uncles closet, had a cubby hole which lead to underneath the house, and conjoined my brother and uncles closets together which made one long closet. A man was murdered in that house in the 70’s and his body was found in that cubby hole. My mother found out, freaked out and moved us, blamed it on “higher rent”. My uncle knew but vowed never to tell us.

Walking up the stairs (towards me)

About 10 years ago, me and my sister were home alone, lots of shit had been happening (parents divorcing, blahblah) I’ve never really ‘believed’ in the paranormal, but I’ve always been open to possibilities. Anyway, it was around 3am, my sis was downstairs watching the telly, and my room was upstairs and I had to go to the bathroom.

Now, the bathroom faced a flight of stairs, and you could always see the glare from the light of the street illuminating the livingroom and whatnot downstairs, but this one time, because I always looked downstairs while going to the loo, there was no glare, there was no glow from the telly my sister was watching, all I could see that one time, was this amorphous blackness walking up the stairs, or hovering, I dunno, it was the first time in my fucking life I felt this terror within me, I froze then and there for a couple of seconds, but when I could move, I ran to my room, turned on the lights and sat on my bed trying to figure out what the hell had just happened.

I didn’t know what it was, or what it was called, it looked like a shadow, it was coming towards me, it scared me shitless. That house was fucking creepy, man.

I tried to get close

This is the first and only time I’ve ever seen a shadow person. It was years ago when I was still a teenager in high school. I was invited to a girl in my class’s house for a slumber party/cook out. We had a bonfire, hot dogs, marsh mellows, the whole nine yards. Very fun, enjoyable memories.
She lived in a trailer. And next to her trailer was a trailer that had been abandoned for what seemed to be a few years. It was overgrown by weeds and basically looked like it was falling apart. I was told that the woman that lived there had actually passed away in that trailer. I’m not sure if she was sick or if it was an accident or if the story is even true for that matter. Who knows? Teenage girls like to scare other teenage girls. You know how it goes ‘ oh yeah, such and such died there and now it’s haunted!’

I remember we decided that we were going to go poke around the place. In the dark, yes. I think maybe one person had a flashlight. I didn’t even get that close to the trailer when I saw it.

This is the hardest thing to explain , because how do you explain something that looks blacker than pitch black? I remember it was in the shape of a person. It could have been male or female. It was just a shadow. But it was coming straight towards us and I just lost it. Of course when I screamed, everyone else did. It disappeared before it could get close.

It opened the window

I was a kid, maybe 10 years old. I had just gone to bed and was wide awake (it takes me a long time to get to sleep) with the window to my room open. I looked at the window and there was a shadow that looked like the outline of a man looking in. My room was on the 2nd story of our house and we had peak roofs, so I’m 99% sure it wasn’t just a person looking in, it was a shadow. I screamed and ran to my parents room and told them I saw a shadow in the window. They went and looked and it was gone, but my dad joked about a floating head for weeks.

“I’m Cold”

When I was about 17 there was a full figure apparition that would come into my room and sit in a computer chair or a comfy chair. I’d look away and look back and she was gone. She had long brown hair and a long white night gown on and was probably about 20 or so. One night I woke up at 3:17 AM(looked at the clock) and looked up. Standing there was the girl in white who looked at me and said “I’m cold” and then proceeded to sit on the edge of the bed and lay down next to me. I pulled the sheet over my head and went back to sleep but it happened 2 other times. One time I just noticed her lying there. Creepy as all get out but never felt scared or in danger.

I’ve seen them all my life

I’ve seen shadow people my entire life, as far back as I can remember. One of my first memories of a house my family moved into when I was 9 was when I got in bed and seeing the “hat man” standing near my closet. I was not asleep in the slightest. I had just climbed in bed and was sitting up.
The last one I saw was about two years ago after I was sitting outside smoking on my porch. I live on a very quiet suburban street. I saw someone walk down the cross street to my left and disappear under a street lamp. It was weird because I could clearly see that it had the silhouette of a human, but it wasn’t human because it was so dark. then it walked near the street lamp and was just, gone. Weird as shit.


I’ve always been open spiritually especially as a kid and have seen ghosts and spirits before but its nothing compared to this “shadow person” I saw when I was 13.

For starters, I don’t even know what the hell these things are. I have done a lot of researching to try and make sense of these entities but I honestly have no idea. They are not ghosts or spirits I know that for sure. What I saw was not something in the corner of my eye or something that looked white and transparent like I’ve seen previously these entities are basically a black mass, but anyway I’ll explain what I saw.

I was trying to sleep, tossing and turning and I turned over on my opposite side to face my doorway which was on the other side of the room. My door was wide open because I was a frightened kid especially of the night because I always saw shit and standing in my doorway was this black figure of a man about 6 foot tall. I’m so edgy writing this sweet baby Jesus. The black figure of the man stood with his arms by his side and you could NOT see through him. It looked 3 dimensional. This figure didn’t have a hat or red eyes like I’ve read other people have saw on forums and stuff it was just a silhouette of a man.

I sat up as soon as I saw it and I stared at it for a good 5 seconds, mind you as strange as this is I wasn’t scared for some reason and I cant really explain why I think it was the shock of it or something. Anyway, I asked what’s wrong as I assumed it was my mother, when I got no reply I assumed it was my brother and asked the same thing and still no reply. By that point I had realised what the fuck was happening and shit myself and pulled the covers over my head. I looked up 10 seconds later and it was gone.

I think it was intelligent

I have seen one right in front of me with lights on and a white door behind it. This thing haunted me if I was in my room. I always felt fear from it and it was intelligent. I would describe it like you, definitely three dimensional. The best way I could describe the total blackness would be a black hole where no light escaped or bounced off of it.

It’s feeding off my depression

So… I broke into the basement of my high school back in January with my friend. We got down there by sticking something into the elevator key slot. I’ve always been sensitive to energies, so when I heard rumors about the basement being haunted (considering I’m a total sucker for all things creepy and unexplained) I just had to go. Long story short, we got caught and something followed me out. I believe it’s a shadow person… and by the way it’s energy feels, it most definitely isn’t a good entity. I stopped noticing it for a while until about a week ago. It’s energy pretty much hit me like a brick to the chest. It seems stronger now, and because I’ve been dealing a lot with my depression in the past month or so, it most likely was feeding off the negative energy. I just.. really need help being only a freshman in high school. If you have any suggestions on how to get rid of it, it would be greatly appreciated.

What was it?

When I was in 6th grade as I recall; about 11 years old, I was invited to a barbeque at a local park by a fellow classmate. (I live in Las Vegas, so parks tend to consist of: a playground, an adequate grass field for sports and a walkway surrounding. This particular park happened to be surrounded by 6-7 foot brick walls all around, except the front of the park which lead to the street, and a single doorway wide entrance opposite of that in the back;which lead to a neighboring apartment complex.) After a day of playing as most kids tend to, it was time to go home. We were tasked with collecting all of my friend’s younger brothers and sisters. There were 4 of us same-aged kids actively looking for about 7 or so younger children. (The park wasnt too huge and there was only 1 brick building which served as the restroomsby the front.) The kids weren’t too hard to find…. But this is where things take a turn towards the paranormal. Halfway through the park we see a dark figure of what appears to be a small child. Thinking it was one of the siblings we were looking for, we naturally start running towards it. At this point the figure is making a dash toward the back of the park so we give chase and start yelling at the child to stop…

As this dark, black-colored figure is reaching the end, the most fucked-up, completely spookiest thing I have ever seen in my life ensues next.. The dark child-like figure turns white, starts running on all fours for like 10 feet, runs up a tree like a cat, and uses the elevation to jump over the wall to the apartment complex.. We run out of terror back to the front of the park. The figure was completely solid and I have 3 eyewitnesses that can my back my claim.

A transparent human

I was about 10-12 at the time and I had moved into an entire different state with my mom and her new husband. I was home alone on the computer. I was sitting in a open area on this futon with all the lights in the house turned off. The only light I had was the one coming from my computer screen and from the running tv. You know when you get that feeling as if someone is staring at you? Well I like turned to the source which was near the stairs, and I just saw this dark human figure. It was necessarily transparent but, I guess you could classify it as that. It was just standing there looking at me with one hand on the banister. I grabbed my laptop and ran to my room, repeatedly calling my parents.

A shadow person or a skinwalker

I’m parked in the woods, standing with friends by my truck. Something starts rolling down the hill, but it gets closer, and we see it’s actually something running on all fours. Thinking it’s a bear and a general feeling of discomfort, we ask jump in the truck and I’m heading off down a dirt mountain 4×4 road, and I’m about a mile away, and I hit my brakes. Looking in my mirror, the brake lights reveal that this thing is still right behind us, now on two legs. Now, it’s white, not brown. I gun it, and it gets back down on four legs and keeps up to about 40 (off and on, mountain road/jeep trail) and it stops when I finally hit pavement. I blew a tire and drove another 5 miles on the rim until I was far enough away to not feel threatened anymore. We never figured out what the hell it was, but it scared the bejeesus out of us. One friend sat in the truck clutching a shotgun and wouldn’t even get out so we could change the tire.

Bus stop shadow figure

When I was in 7th grade, I was standing at the bus stop early in the morning, still dark outside. The bus stop was somewhat under a street lamp, it would cast your shadow onto the house in front of the stop. I still to this day can’t explain what I saw. I was standing there, normally the only person at this particular stop. When I see the shadow of a person walking towards me. I didn’t think anything about it was it was a school bus stop after all. All of a sudden while I am watching this shadow of this “person” approach me, the shadow just stopped walking. Curious I looked around for the signs of someone, saw absolutely nobody.I turn back to look at the shadow when it then drops to all four legs and takes off running full sprint right past me, then just disappeared without a trace. I have told this story to many people, nobody seems to believe me. Has anyone else had an experience like this? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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