9 Stereotypes About Female Friend Groups That Are Actually True

A stereotype that's not true? We're all wedding crazy.
A stereotype that’s not true? We’re all wedding crazy. Friends

1. Yes, women tell each other everything that relates to our sex lives.Your girlfriend’s friends know what you’re like in bed, and if you’ve ever sent a dick pic, it’s been seen by a room full of giggling women — sorry! The good news is that it doesn’t affect how we feel about you as her current beau, as long as you’re treating her right outside the bedroom.

2. The biggest stereotype about female friends getting together at each other’s houses is that they have pillow fights in their lingerie. A version of this happens, yes, but it’s not sexy or sexual or meant to impress men. Long into adulthood it’s still one of the most fun things in the world to have an adult version of the slumber parties we had in our teens, we may sleep in the same bed, and we may like to be pants free when sleeping or hanging out on the couch watching The Bachelor, but it’s a lot more silly and a lot less glamorous than it seems.

3. We can be catty, but we don’t really compete with each other, at least past high school or whenever you start to be friends with people who make emotional health a priority in their lives. As adults we reserve cattiness for dissecting the life choices of The Kardashians. Men do this too, you’d know it if you’ve ever observed a room full of them watching Monday Night Football.

4. We will use any excuse to get together and celebrate something. Men have birthdays, women have birthday months. We have celebrations for season premiers and season finales, or because it’s summer now, or because it’s Champagne Thursday. This isn’t a princess syndrome symptom of feeling like everything we do is amazing, no, it’s just that life is a lot more fun when you’re celebrating something. And if you can choose to have fun vs. not have fun, why not choose the former?

5. Yes, we sync up. I prefer to think of it like a super power/Captain Planet situation.

6. Sometimes we do turn full detective agency and get together to decipher text messages from one of us who is in an ambiguous grey area relationship. This is a new phenomena, we need backup!

7. Backrubs and doing each other’s hair. One of the things that’s great about being a woman is being able to affectionately (platonically) touch your friends in a way that’s not roughhousing. Human touch is very underrated.

8. People who have never had long hair and suddenly find themselves with a long-haired girlfriend are shocked to realize that hair gets everywhere. It’s not just an obstacle to figure out where to put your hands while hooking up that isn’t going to pull it, it’s the strands you find on the ground, in the shower, on the sink, and, unfortunately, in an occasional spoonful of dinner. This isn’t a myth, unfortunately. Sorry guys, but “pain is beauty” is a mantra we learned long ago, maybe it will help you keep your food down.

9. We dress and do makeup for all sorts of reasons — not solely the pleasure of men. Women really do dress for each other. I work from home and on a typical day, no one sees me during work. However, I still do my best work when I’m in a cute dress and my hair is done and I have mascara on. This is a common experience — when we feel good about ourselves we perform better, act confidently and are generally happier people. We wear some of our cutest outfits to brunch with just girlfriends. Makeup can also become a hobby in itself, trying different looks out, mixing colors and testing new products. It’s like art class, but for grown-ups. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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