Something Has Been Lurking In My Backyard For Awhile, And It’s Outside Now While I Write This

Bearskin Lodge
Bearskin Lodge

I was searching around the internet tonight for real accounts of people seeing skinwalkers, hoping to compile them into a post when I ran into an update of a terrifying ongoing situation a Reddit user is facing. Since moving into a new home in the country, they’ve been stalked by some non-human thing that just… lurks around his house creeping out his dogs and staring in the windows.

This is the first post, with the story’s background:

I am not sure what has been going on lately, but its been starting to get to me, so I am posting this in hopes that some of you may be able to help me out. I am not sure what has been visiting my house lately, but it is not a normal animal. At the moment I think skinwalker is the most likely
I recently moved to Vancouver Washington, and live in a suburb that is heavily forested, we have some quarries nearby and lakes and rivers. I live with my family, but i am usually up much later than the rest of my family, so naturally i am in the dark house alone, or driving around late at night (oftentimes until around 4am) since we moved to this house, i have seen some weird stuff.

I have never really felt comfortable in this neighborhood, mainly because, I often see shapes that at first glance seem humanoid in the trees and in the patches of forest, but until recently i have been able to brush them off as optical illusions.

Most of the occurrences began one night when I longboarded to the park. On my way up the street, I saw a tall vehicle (when i got closer i realized it was a truck) shining a floodlight into a lot next to the park full of tall grass and shrubbery, and the light was moving through the grass like the person behind it was looking for something. I figured that maybe the guy was searching for coyotes or his pet or maybe even the family of deer that lives near my neighborhood, but as soon as I got to the park to rest and look at the stars, I began to feel like I was being watched. I became too sketched out to stay, so I rode home, but that feeling of being watched never really went away.

Since that night, I have been increasingly uncomfortable when outside at night.

A few days ago I went to put my dog outside around 12:30 am so she would not pee on the carpet, I opened the door, but she would not go outside.
she looked through the doorframe as though there were something out there, so I walked outside and called for her to come out too. She walked out slowly, and while she was walking to the grass, I heard rustling in some bushes 5-10 meters away in a pitch black corner of the yard. My dog heard this, and and stood between me and the corner the noise was coming from (she was not standing in a threatening position, but the way she was staring into the dark did not convey passivity) my dog does her business and we go back into the house.

I decide to spend some time on reddit in the kitchen, with my dog sitting next to me on the floor.

I am petting her head when my other dog climbs out of her bed and walks over wanting some attention herself. She starts whining (her way of demanding attention), and I swear to god, every time she made a noise, I heard the exact same noise come from the window behind me. The dog I was already petting’s ears perked up, but then the other dog stopped whining and the mimicry stopped. I heard little noises like rustling and occasionally muffled animal noises that I could not really make out for the rest of that night.

Then last night happened.

I let the same dog out at about the same time for the same reasons, last night and as soon as I opened the door I heard that rustling again and my dog and I walked outside. I was half expecting for something to rush out of the bushes and tear my face off, but nothing yet. We go back inside, and I try to avoid sitting by any windows, but it is tough because my house has tons of windows. I decide to play some games on my computer, but not before grabbing a bite to eat, so I toss a bag of popcorn in the microwave, and when I turned away from the microwave, I saw something through the window.

I have no idea what it is I saw, as it moved almost as soon as I saw it, but I did see the whites of its eyes. They were inhuman.

Tonight, I am not going to let my dog out at 12:30, and am going to stay in my room for as long as possible (my room is on the 2nd floor so I feel like I am safer up here), but I am still terrified of whatever i saw. I am afraid whatever it was that truck was looking for found me and followed me home.


Awhile later the user updated again:

IT has been a little bit of time since my last post, and I thought things were beginning to calm down, but the occurrences the past two nights have been much more intense than usual.

As I type this, I am listening to a noise outside my window that has been off and on for the past hour.

It started out as a hoot of an owl, but out of nowhere, I heard what sounded like a dog whimpering. My neighbors have dogs, but they were not out when I put my dogs outside earlier, and my dogs are safely inside right now. After the whimpering subsided, the hooting began again; however, it has slowly changed to what sounds like a donkey braying.

My dogs are hiding in their beds right now, but a few hours ago, they scratched on the doors to be let out, and as soon as I opened the door, they bolted outside, but they stopped half way to the fence, turned around, and darted back inside and to their beds.

My dogs have never acted like this before, and I am more than a little scared.

The area I am in was recently hit by a snowstorm, and there was over a foot of snow, and freezing rain afterwards, and while there was snow, there were no occurrences, but the snow began to melt yesterday, and today there was nothing left of the snow. Perhaps this is related. If there is something out there, it makes sense that it would not be out hunting in the snow.

The hooting/braying has finally stopped, and every five-ish minutes I hear something hitting the side opposite side of the house with a dull thud.
The thudding has stopped. It only really happened maybe 5 or 6 times, but it is done now.

From now I will update this by commenting if anything else happens.

Finally, leading up to the thread I originally found. The user is updating while whatever “it” is is OUTSIDE HIS HOME:

After I posted that last update, there was about a week of activity in my yard, and whatever it was, but out of the blue it stopped for a week or two (a welcomed relief).

Out of the blue though,it started up again. Most nights when there is activity (3 or 4 times a week) I hear that whimpering dog noise that I mentioned in my last post, a thud or two on the walls on the side of my house (it is not always in the same spot though, so I have ruled out some fixture behind the wall causing the noise), and usually my dogs come over and sit at my feet like they are standing guard.

Lately though, the noises have been louder, the thuds have been more frequent, I have been seeing figures bolt across my yard, and in the past few days, I have seen the thing’s face in the window three times.

The figure I have seen shooting through the yard was way too large to be a dog or coyote, but too small to be the family of deer that lives in the area.

Also, there is no way anything got in or out of the yard through the fence, it had to have climbed over, which rules out deer, dogs, and coyotes.

Tonight started out really quiet, when I took my dogs outside to defecate, the big one just stood at my feet, and looked around, but the smaller one (who has black fur and is virtually invisible at night) ran to the back corner of the yard that is pitch black. Then I heard the small dog let out a yelp. Then silence. I called her in a few times, but she did not respond It was then that I noticed that there were no bugs/birds/or animals of any kind making any noise, which made everything feel even more eerie.

The big dog and I went inside, and after 15 minutes, the big dog scratched at the door to go outside, and when I went to let her out, the smaller one was waiting to be let in. When I opened the door,the big dog walked outside, sniffed the little dog’s butt, and then they walked together into the TV room. I went back to the computer, and 30 minutes later, I heard the dogs fighting in the TV room (a very rare occurrence) so I called them to me, and they trotted out of the TV room and started to beg for the food I was eating. I told them to get in their beds, and they listened (but I left the doors unlocked in case they wanted to wander around the house or get some water).

Some time lapsed, and then, out of nowhere, I smelled blood.

I was so certain that I smelled blood that I thought my nose was bleeding, but it was not.

Now every time I look up from the kitchen window that is facing me, I see something almost duck from view.

I am terrified to see what will happen next.

A commenter on a previous post suggested that I put a camera outside to catch a picture of whatever is lurking in my yard, so I will try to figure out how to mount my gopro outside and try that. Somebody PMed me suggesting to try burning sage in my backyard during the day to ward it off, so I acquired some sage and will be burning that in the backyard tomorrow.

There was one other thing that happened while I was out on a bike ride during those two weeks where nothing happened at the house, and I can post it in the comments if you all want, but I am not 100% sure it is related to whatever this is. so i am leaving it out of this post.

If anybody has any ideas of how to get solid evidence of this thing, or drive it away, please comment to tell me. Many people have suggested talking to a priest or someone in the native community, but I doubt they would believe me without some sort of solid evidence so i would really like to catch a photo of it, or find a track or something.

It’s been 11 days since this post went up and the Reddit user hasn’t posted an update. The others were posted in the Skinwalkers subreddit, so it’s likely that if there’s more to the story, it will appear there. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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