5 Extremely Scary Murder Cases In Recent History

1. The Richardson Family Murders

In Canada in 2006 a husband and wife were found dead in their home with their 8-year-old son. The couple’s 12-year-old daughter was missing and everyone initially assumed she had been abducted.

Nope. As it turns out the daughter, Jasmine, committed the murders with her boyfriend. Most WTF aspect: The 12-year-old had a 23-year-old boyfriend who believed himself to be a 300-year-old werewolf. Right before the murders, the two had become engaged. Jasmine’s motive was that her parents were critical of her relationship.

2. Annie Le

One of the most heartbreaking crimes I’ve ever heard of. Annie Le was a Yale medical student with a promising career in pharmacology ahead of her. In addition, her wedding was just a few days away when she disappeared. The day she vanished was a normal day, she went to Yale to attend a class before heading to her on campus research lab. When no one heard from her, it was eventually discovered that security cameras showed her entering the research lab, but not exiting.

Five days later, the day of her wedding, her body was discovered hidden inside the wall of her lab. A lab technician, Raymond Clark, had strangled her before hiding the body. He never gave a reason for the murder.

3. A real life “The Strangers?”

The Robison family, Mike V
The Robison family, Mike V

The scene is familiar, while vacationing at an upper-middle class, remote cottage, the six members of the Robison family were gunned down by a lone assailant. The attacker began by shooting patriarch Richard Robison through the window, before entering an unlocked screen door and killing the rest of the family.

4. The McStay family

A California couple and their two children were reported missing. Their home seemed as if they had decided to leave and packed up in a hurry, though their dogs were left behind. Four days after they disappeared, their car was towed from a lot in San Diego, indicating they may have crossed the U.S.-Mexico border on foot.

The remains of the family were found a year and a half later in the desert.

Why would the family have suddenly left their home and life?

5. Reality show killer

Before he was thought to have raped and killed as many as 130 women, Rodney Alcala was considered a desirable bachelor as a contestant on The Dating Game. His appearance on the show coincided with his murder spree, where he was chosen as the winning bachelor.

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