10 Signs You Should Just Marry Your BFF And Get It Over With


1. You get each other on a level you’ve never even come close to with an actual romantic partner.

2. You’ve seen each other at your absolute worst, and already know that you still love each other.

3. No one makes you laugh harder (and no one would judge you less if they actually made you pee your pants).

4. You think you could “probably” figure out how to have sex with them, if it came to that, but they’d probably be down to be in tandem extramarital affairs or something.

5. You wouldn’t need to go on fancy dates with them, you have the best time just chilling on the couch and keeping up with the Kardashians.


6. Romantic relationships are always drama filled, your BFF is more fun and less work than a boyfriend/girlfriend has ever been.

7. They already know your family, and you already love theirs.

8. You can borrow their clothes on a whole new level once you are married.

9. You know how they say that friends are the family you choose? Maybe your best friend is the real partner in your life and the people you date just come and go. Marriage is how we solidify partnership in our culture right now, so marrying your BFF is living by your own rules, and probably not as weird as it sounds.

10. You’ve always joked about being the friends that make trouble in the nursing home, now you’ll be certain that they’ll send you to the same one. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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