50 Grisly, True Stories That Will Scare The Crap Out Of You

50 Grisly, True Stories That Will Scare The Crap Out Of You

25. “They don’t like you”


About ten years ago (at age 19) I was very good friends with a girl who was as interested in the paranormal as I was. She bought a ouija type board called “Psychic Circle” – it had words, photos, symbols and a book that told you how to interrupt it. We never had much luck with it. One night she took it over to her aunt’s house and they apparently had a really intense experience with it. Her aunt asked her to leave it for a few nights, so she could use it on her own. My friend left it and we made plans to visit her aunt that weekend so we could all play together.

So that Friday night we head over in hopes of a good supernatural experience. As soon as I got in the car, I just had a feeling of dread. I’ve had a few brushes with paranormal stuff in the past and the prospect wasn’t frightening to me – but I just felt wrong about it.

We get to her aunt’s house and her aunt pretty much seems to dislike me the second I walked in the door. The feeling of dread is even more intense once I got to the house. I just sort of brushed it off as paranoia and tried to be friendly. My friend’s aunt takes the board out of the box and it looked old as fuck. Weathered like it had been left in the sun for a few years. The previously bright colors were faded and worn. My friend said “What happened to the board?!” and her aunt told her it had been “sweating”.

So aunt puts it on the table, looking at me with the utmost of suspicion. At this point I felt absolutely terrified and my palms are clammy and shaky. I put them on the oracle and her aunt says “NO.” I take them off and she says “They don’t like you. They don’t want to answer your questions. I can just tell.”

We leave very shortly after that. My friend is upset. She says that whole episode was very out of character for her aunt. Her aunt refused to give the board back and I wound up buying my own. No luck with that one, either. Took it as a sign and gave it to some other friends.

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