50 Craigslist Meet Ups You’re Really Glad You Weren’t A Part Of



My older brother used to hook up with people on casual encounters. He had done this a few time without any issue, usually with people that were in town for business. He would called me and tell me about it, braggin and stuff. I told him to be careful that he doesn’t wake up in a bathtub missing a kidney. He claimed he had it under control.

Not too much longer he called me in the morning. He told me that he had plans to meet up with this really hot girl in a hotel room somewhere on the east side. I think she wanted him to bring some pills or drugs and he decided not to. Good thing he didn’t go that night because on the news there were stories of people getting jumped and robbed at that hotel when trying to meet up with people from craigslist. Apparently the girl would be waiting in the room with some big dude in there too.

As far as I know, he hasn’t tried hooking up on craigslist again.



My uncle went to sell a few pieces of jewelry he had to someone on craigslist. Well when he went the guy snatched the necklace and tried to run. Now my uncle is a huge career marine very scary guy. When he started chasing the thug the guy turned around and shot him 3 times. My little cousins were in the car so he ran back to get them out of the area despite being shot he was worried about their welfare. He got them out of there and got to a hospital. My one cousin despite being very young was able to identify the man and he was caught. This happened about a year ago. Here is a link it shows a photo of my Uncle Karl and a rundown of the situation http://news.yahoo.com/florida-marine-veteran-shot-craigslist-robbery-used-fingers-172856828.html. It was very scary when I heard about it I was just getting ready to travel around the country when it happened so I put a hold on it to be with my family. Its scary to think that out of the many times I sold things on craigslist this kind of thing can happen. So be careful when dealing with people on the internet.



A few months ago we were moving 600 miles and really trying to get rid of anything non-essential. We had this very heavy desk that was in great shape that we listed for $10 in hopes of getting rid of it quickly. A woman emailed my fiance while I was at work and said she was interested, what was our address and when could she come by. He gave her our address and phone and asked her to call to arrange a time.

No more than an hour after sending that message, and five minutes after I came home from work this strange woman shows up on our door. I answer the door and she says she’s here for the desk. She proceeded to walk into our house and walk through our bedroom and other rooms asking what else we’re selling, we said nothing but the desk. She looks at it and decides she wants it and then asks us to carry it down the stairs (2nd floor) to her car. She was in her mid 60’s and even though I was like 8 weeks pregnant and exhausted my fiance and I carried it down the stairs for her.

Not only had she not brought anyone to help (she didn’t lift a finger) she wanted us to fit a HUGE desk in the back of her beamer. We told her it wouldn’t fit and she begged us to try. We spent 30 fucking minutes trying to fit a WAY too big desk into her car with her directing. Finally I just burst into tears and said “bitch, we put this on CL for $10 so it would be a steal and someone would haul it away themselves. Then you show up without a proper vehicle and I’m pregnant and really shouldn’t be lifting heavy objects. I’m leaving the desk in the parking lot and if you come back for it great, if not I could care less.”

She then gets upset that I had yelled and hurt her feelings. She assures me she’s going to call her husband and get a truck and I said whatever and took her money. 20 mins later I hear a knock on my door and crazy lady says, “I just wanted to inform you that I WAS able to fit the desk in my car and if you had tried a little harder you could have made it fit.” I told her to fuck off and get off my doorstep.



Selling sealed MTG boxes. Get a response, arrange to meet at a Starbucks open twenty four hours. Arrive at Starbucks. See that there is conveniently an ATM on the same block. Grab a coffee and wait. There’s a trio of police cars out front, also drinking coffee and talking.

Guy shows up. Checks in with me. Walks down to ATM. Comes back with stack of cash. We walk to my car. He hands me cash. I hand him boxes. We both promptly get detained by said police, who are absolutely convinced that this is some sort of complicated drug trafficing. Repeatedly demand to search both vehicles, which my new friend is adamantly against (and this being San Francisco, not too surprising). They Open the booster boxes. Open some of the packs. Call for backup.

Backup completely randomly is a regular MTG player. Spends ten minutes convincing other officers that this is not, in fact, a complex drug deal.

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