50 Craigslist Meet Ups You’re Really Glad You Weren’t A Part Of



I met up with a woman at Starbucks to buy a violin. I get there on time and then get a text message that she’s going to be 20 minutes late. No big deal. I can hang out at the ‘bucks for twenty minutes. She was making me wait because she had another interested buyer who was also meeting her at the same Starbucks. That twenty minutes was to make sure the other interested party would be there when I was.

She tried to initiate a bidding war between me and this other person in the coffee shop. I was really annoyed, because I had already agreed on the price in the ad, and I didn’t have an extra hundred dollars to outbid this person. So I said “this isn’t what I showed up here for” and left.

I got a call later from the seller. After I was gone, the other interested buyer tried talking the price down to below what I was going to pay for it. She offered the violin to me again at the price we agreed to before she tried to get me in a bidding competion with someone else. I told her I wasn’t interested anymore.



Wasn’t me, it was two blocks from me though. Kid opened a craigslist add for an I Phone 5. He would meet them outside the closed elementary school at an agreed upon time and rob them with what appeared to be a handgun.

Twist, He left the same ad up and just kept robbing people.

Cops answer the ad and busted him. Once they got in to his account, they found he had six more jobs planned.




my brother almost met a child molester on craigslist. My brother (15 at the time) posted that he was looking for a job. He got a response about some contracting work, and told the guy he would think about it. My dad decided it would be a good idea to do a background check on my brother’s potential boss. Turns out he’s a third degree sex offender. Third degree is rape



I was selling a Mac book Pro some years back and threw it online on Craigslist. Within minutes I had a guy ping me saying he wanted the notebook, and wanted to meet up that night. It was already 11pm. He also had a car but couldn’t drive because he wasn’t insured so I had to drop it off. Being that he lived in a more dangerous neighbourhood, I refused. He insisted. I told him the best I could do was the morning and he agreed. Expecting the worst I packed the mac book in a duffle bag with a brick, a crowbar, a knife and shingler’s hammer. I also wore steal toe boots. Drive into the older, dangerousish neighbourhood and find the house. It’s brand new, they had torn down some old houses and built on top. Call the dude. He tells me to come up to the door. I prepare to fight. Ring the bell, just waiting to get jumped and and older Asian man opens the door. You must be here for my son. Then this young kid comes to the door is all like nice to meet you. I need this mac book for this program I am in at school, this is my test machine my last one died. He gave e extra money for driving there, and his family made.me stay for dinner. I felt really bad, gave the kid a discount and left. Was weird for sure.

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