50 Craigslist Meet Ups You’re Really Glad You Weren’t A Part Of



I once tried to sell a used high-end stroller on Craigslist in NYC. I’ve sold a ton of shit on Craigslist for years and years, but I’ve never dealt with people like these pregnant moms. Super picky. 100s of emails back and forth. Asking to repeatedly return to my apartment to see the stroller again and again before making a decision. Never showed up to meet. And complaining about the price, which was low.



My friend was trying to buy something off craigslist (houston if anyone’s interested).

he made arrangements to meet somewhere, agreed on a price blah blah blah.
couple minutes later, the guy calls my friend back and says “hey man, don’t come. I was just going to rob you, but i heard some kids in the background when we were talking on the phone”



about 10 years ago I bought a cellphone off of Craigslist. The guy shows up in a public parking lot with his family in the van, nothing suspicious looking about them at all and I was too naive at the time to know to verify the ESN number with Sprint first.
So, we made the sale and I go home to activate my phone. When I call up, Sprint tells me the phone is stolen so I call the seller back and explain to him what is going on. He’s apologetic and adamant that he had no idea. I said I want my money back or I’m calling the police – he agrees to meet me first thing, the next morning.

In the meantime I start playing around with the phone and find the previous owner’s number so I called it. A guy answers and I explain that I think I’m holding his stolen phone – he asks me for the model and info, then tells me a story I still have trouble believing….

Six months earlier the guy was driving on a bridge and was hit by another car, he actually drove off the bridge and into the water. Paramedics rescued him, he was actually dead for a minute or two and brought back but he figured the car and everything inside of it was a total loss – never thought about it again…. I was holding the phone that went over the bridge with him in car. Somehow a scrapyard must have pulled it out and sold it, it wsa restored and then sold to this guy I bought it from.

Dude was nice enough to call up Sprint on a 3-way call with me and have them remove the security block so I could use his old phone – everything turned out fine and the phone worked great!



There is a sad story in the news recently in this area of a guy who was killed by two guys after listing his truck for sale online. Google Tim Bosma for more info – very sad, by all accounts Tim Bosma listed his truck online for sale and two guys showed up to take it for a test drive. He went with them and they ended up killing him.



I sold a vacuum on there and it was nothing special. I inherited it from a move out. My price was a reasonable $15. I described it as an average vacuum with average abilities. It was bought by a TA at CSU. She pulled up in a $40k car, and wanted to haggle with me. I sold it for $10. She then proceeded to send me pictures of it not picking up things it vacuumed for an entire day. I got out of work and told her the hose was detached. “Oh.” …Two days pass… Cue pictures of it not picking up stuff “to her standards” I reiterate the purchase price of said vacuum. My parents come to town, she is blowing me up with texts and pictures of a dustpan of dirt from her yard dumped onto carpet as some kind of “display” … I don’t respond, I will refund her once my parents leave in ONE FUCKING DAY! We come home from dinner to her severing and smashing the vacuum cleaner to bits in my front yard holding a note in her hand that said “You can keep the money asshole.” We basically caught her red handed. She looked extremely embarrassed. I made her pick it up and throw it in my trashcan. Then I told her to leave and never come back. I also told her that if she ever did anything to my property, she idiotically corresponded me with her douchey e-mail signature where she basically lists every achievement and address and life experience she’s ever had and I would come find her. The end.

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