50 Craigslist Meet Ups You’re Really Glad You Weren’t A Part Of



Not me but my sisters boyfriend decided to sell his BMW online, it was customized by him and it was a really close car that he’d had for a couple of years. They meet up in a parkinglot talking and nothing strange, the buyer wants to test drive the car just in the parkinglot. And ofcourse my sisters bf hands him the keys and the guy just drove off. He just stood there shocked not really understanding what the hell just happend. He reports it to the police and to the insurance company and gets some money from there. Weeks goes and no reports and he gets a call from the police and apparently his car ran over a pedestrian an killed him/her. It was in the news even.



When I was a teenager I went through a “raver” phase and had a bunch of colourful eccentric clothes and shit, like furry legwarmers and hot pink go go boots (I’m female btw)

Got over that phase, noticed all that shit sitting in my closet, was broke, decided to sell it on craigslist.

I listed the hot pink go go boots and immediately get a reply from a man. He’s really weird in the emails because he gives too many details that I don’t need, almost like he’s embarrassed about buying them. Tells me he’s buying them for his 13yo daughter for her hello kitty costume. I think it’s kind of weird because the shoes are a size ten, I don’t know any 13 year old with feet that big, but whatever.

I meet up with him at a coffee shop with my mom to deliver the shoes, and he does not say more than two words to me, which was odd because he was so chatty in the emails. He was a large (like 6ft and husky) Asian man.

So anyway he bought a bunch more of my stuff, always saying it was for his daughter so she could complete her hello kitty costumes, then one day I get this strange email from him saying something like “I’m _______’s daughter, don’t tell him but could you get me something badder? Don’t tell my dad but I want naughty stuff” I thought he wanted drugs or something, told him I couldn’t sell him anything illegal. He continues to message me posing as his young daughter and tries to get me to sell him my used lingerie and thongs and stuff (I never listed anything like that on craigslist). I was only like 18 at the time and noped the fuck out, never emailed him back, never heard from him again.



I once met up with some guy on Craigslist to buy his used copy of Fallout 3, and I had deliberately left out the fact that I was girl since I assumed that it would help minimize the creeper potential. It didn’t. 40 minutes later, he’s still trying to convince me to trade the game for sex. I grabbed the game, shoved 30 bucks in his face, and ran off.



I sold a robotic triceratops from Costco at Christmas time. Got $200 in counterfeit bills. I had emails, texts, a phone number, a license plate number, car description, and a Target manager who pulled the surveillance tape for me. No outcome. One of the reasons I don’t find cops to be helpful.



I was buying a AWESOME DVD collection for like 40$, it had everything! So I meet this guy outside of a local bank. First thing I notice is he had 2 HUGE boxes that looked pretty full, that was a good sign. I start checking in the boxes just so I can be sure the DVDs are in each case, and about half way through checking the guy says “Oh damn, hold on I forgot some”, I’m thinking what a great guy, I had not a clue about the other DVD and he is going to get it. Well, after he dropped the DVD in the box he says “Oh man, you better check it, I’ve been such a airhead today”.(Something along those lines) So I open it, and on the cover it was a little white guy getting totally demolished by 2 dudes in his bottom. Suddenly I look up with a shocked/near tears look on my face and say nothing, all I can do is stutter. He then ask me if I’m “DTF” and if I want my salad tossed, I of course politely reject his offer. Let me make this clear, I am often mistaken for being homosexual. (At this point he has the money and I have the DVDs mind you) He is starts to get closer to me and he is really touching me at this point, and when I say really touching me I mean getting like half of a finger down the front of my pants, maybe feeling a pube or two. Me being me I start to scream, (I shit you not) That is when he starts to back up and kind of look around. Then I threatened him by saying I’ll call the police and tell them your license plate and your phone number. (If you cant tell, I’m not a violent guy, unless I think I’m going to die or something) Thank god for my screaming because I really started to make a scene and the bank customers started to look and point, I make that known to him and THANK GOD, he starts to back up and does a quick look around and leaves.

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