50 People On ‘The One Story That Gives Me The Chills To This Day’



About 15 years ago I was 17 and in high school in Seattle. I hung out a lot with people who smoke or drank but didn’t really join in too often; my parents were ok with it but basically made me realize I didn’t need it. That didn’t mean I didn’t participate occasionally. One night, I was with a few friends from our soccer team. They wanted to smoke before we all had to go home since it was a school night. We went to Volunteer park on Capitol Hill, there are a lot of trees on the west side of the road there where you can go do things people don’t want to be seen doing. Everything was normal, giggling, excited kids smoking some weed. No big deal. I took a hit off the blunt but because my parents were picking me up I decided to go cop watch. I just wanted to hit it once, go home and play some video games, but still be Cool. No big deal. I told them I was going to go out and make sure no cops came. They might have payed attention or they might have not. Normal shit no big deal. At the park there are these evergreen trees that have these really low hanging branches that make it really easy to get 20+ feet up in them. Imagine a really fat, reasonable sized christmas tree, but without all the branches blocking the view. I climbed up one of those and relaxed and looked at the Space Needle, what a great night! Then I heard some branches snapping below me and I saw a guy standing there. He was staring where my friends were. I looked past him about 25 feet and there was another guy standing there, and a few more. I looked to my other side and there were more guys standing there, about 15 total in a semi circle around where I thought my friends were. This was about 11Pm, no reason for a group of them there. I didn’t move, this wasn’t some community cop shit, or even cops… I waited for what seemed like forever, slowly climbed down, and dropped and sprinted as fast as I could towards the greenhouse. About 50 feet away I saw my friends running out of the woods back where I thought they were, they said someone tried to grab one of them on the way out. The girl screamed as the guy grabbed my friend, and they all ran. No reason. So sketchy. I’ve heard about people disappearing from Seattle parks before, fuck that shit. Be careful high schoolers in Seattle just trying to have some fun


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