50 People On ‘The One Story That Gives Me The Chills To This Day’



I was 16/17, and it was very common for my friends and I to go camping in the mountains, bring weed, beer, acid, whatever. I was always a big fraidy cat when it came to getting fucked up, so I usually abstained, parents warnings took to heart I guess.

This particular night most of my friends were tripping acid, while I was sipping a beer, enjoying the fire and whatnot, and a bunch of us girls decided to go off somewhere to pee. We were still pretty young and quite squeamish about the boys seeing us squat. (Hell I still am)
We stumble off into the woods and end up walking for quite some time, one girl was searching for the perfect spot, and she was super high, but we all just went along. We finally come to a small clearing and decide to pee there. Everyone pees and we set off back to camp.

One of my friends hears a low moan coming from the other side of the clearing, tells us to shhh, but we don’t hear it so we urge her to come on. She is intent on investigating, so I decide to go with her . It was really dark out. You could only see as far as the lanterns light hit, so we were off into the unknown.

Our light finally revealed a car. A brand new lookin Subaru, it was really sudden like, and kinda freaked us out so we scamper back to our friends screeching like lil 16/17 yo girls and set off back to our camp all freaked out.
We tell the boys about it when we get there and they convince us we had happened upon another camp site and make fun of us for freaking out.

5 years later, I am in nursing school and working as an admin asst in a labor and delivery hospital. I have made a really good friend at work and she and I hang out all the time. One night she comes over and we are drinking and she tells me her dad has been missing since ahe was in high school. She says he had tried to commit suicide a few times and her family figured that he succeeded, but no one ever found him. She secretly was hoping he just ran off to start a new life and maybe she would see him again someday.
Not very long after that, a man was found in a stolen subaru up on the mt where we used to camp, he had been there for years, through every season, freezing to hot, there was a hose from the tail pipe to the window, the man had commited suicide.

It made the news, and one of the guys from highschool called and reminded me of that night in the woods, the car was found not far from our usual spot, wasn’t that nuts? That was what we saw.

At work, my friend got a call,from her mother, the guy in the car was her dad.

We heard him moaning. We saw the car. If we weren’t such dumb shit little kids we could have done something. I watched my friend fall apart over it, but didn’t tell her about my experience in the woods. I have always felt so bad.


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