50 People On ‘The Secret My Company Doesn’t Want The Public To Know’



While working at HHGregg, customers were told we’d recycle their old TV’s for them. Really we just threw them in the dumpster. Can’t speak for HHGregg corporation as a whole, but at my store this was the definitely the case.

McAllister’s Famous Iced Tea is really just Lipton with a shit ton of sugar. They even have a trademark for the “Famous Iced Tea.” There website says, “We can’t give you the recipe, that’s our secret.” The secrets out, Lipton + Sugar = Trademarked Famous Iced Tea.



My girlfriend works at a small chain of coffee shops here, and was recently told that she had to take down the tips box. She asked why and her boss said it was because the tip box diverts money from breast cancer donations box. The kicker? Her boss pockets the money from the donations box.

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