100 Ways To Make Today Epic

Take a personal day from work and actually do as many of these as you can. Instant epic-ness.

1. Upon waking, immediately blast your favorite song at top volume. Just for one day, don’t worry if you’re bothering anyone. Dance around while you get ready.

2. If you normally make coffee at home to save money, today is your day to splurge.

3. Take a walk in the morning to Starbucks or your neighborhood coffee place and breathe in the beautiful fall air while sipping on a pumpkin spice anything.

4. Pay for the coffee of the person in line behind you.

5. Do something physical before work/class. Be it yoga, running, hooking up, or just jazzercising in your socks with your cat, you’ll feel good no matter what happens next.

6. Text five people you love with a funny Emoji or just a “HI MISS YOU!” The responses will trickle back throughout your morning, putting a smile on your face.

7. Put Sriracha (or whatever your favorite sauce is) on any and all food items you consume. This is YOUR day.


8. Remind yourself why Dio – Holy Diver is the greatest metal song of all time.

9. Go out and run as fast as you can just to see how it feels.

10. Wear something extra. Whatever your normal look is, crank it up. Red lipstick, statement necklace, colored pants, fedora, whatever. Just make it bold.

11. Blast the song that was “your jam” in high school.

12. Binge watch a show from your childhood like Boy Meets World.

13. Stir up a conversation with a complete stranger.

14. Grab a friend and go to the nearest city that isn’t your home. Or, just a town you don’t usually hang out in. Get outside of your everyday life.

15. Text someone you’re afraid to text and be like hey yo, I love you.

16. Do something rash. Buy a plane ticket, ask out a stranger, doesn’t matter. Just something impulsive. Something that will make you realize how brave you are once you loosen the reins a bit.

17. Rock a look you’ve always wanted to wear, but felt you couldn’t pull off.

18. Go to a “tourist” destination in your city and imagine what it must be like for out of towners to travel there to see it.


19. Buy food for someone and show up at their door and watch them thenceforth love you eternally.

20. Flirt like you’re Justin Timberlake on vacation. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, you can still smile a tiny bit too long at the barista in your building. It doesn’t have to mean anything! Studies have proven that flirting boosts happiness overall.

21. Eat TWO Chipotle burritos in one sitting. Bragging rights for all of eternity.

22. Get some chalk and color on the sidewalk. You’ll brighten up the day for all your neighbors too!

23. Go to Tumblr and search “LOL.” They bump up the funniest posts to this tag so you’re guaranteed a solid 20 minutes of belly laughs.

24. Give someone a genuine compliment. This is kind of the opposite of flirting, but think of someone you interact with often and pay them some thoughtful, specific praise. It’ll feel amazing to see that person’s reaction.

25. Join Vine. Follow Tyra Banks.

26. Get a psychic reading.

27. Go just a little overboard with everything you do. Usually get a drip coffee? Go latte. If you’re already at daily latte status, then you are a coffee lush and must go full Frappuccino with whip. Get at it!

28. Eat something you’ve never had before.

29. Visit your friend that has a dog or cat and get a dose of quality cuddles. If you don’t know anyone with a pet, volunteer at an animal shelter or go to a pet store.


30. Indulge in something super cheesey, like going to Medieval Times.

31. When planning your night out, go anywhere but the usual places. Actually do some research to find out what you’re missing out on in your town. Where is that place you’ve always heard about but never tried? Where’s the place with the reputation for being the most insane? You know what to do.

32. Ask your oldest living relative what life was like when they were your age.

33. Tip your server 100%, and resist the urge not to hang around to see his/her reaction.

34. Map out your dream travel plans for when you accomplish everything you’ve set out to accomplish.

35. Jump on a trampoline.

36. Get super nostalgic. Where’s the diner your friends used to LOVE five years ago but haven’t touched since? Gather the old crew and descend upon your old stomping grounds.

37. Look into brewing your own beer.

38. Go to a florist, you don’t have to buy anything but admire all the beautiful flowers and plants.

39. Eat whatever disgusting guilty pleasure food you love.

40. Throw a pre-game party at your place before going out. Litter the counter with those jumbo-size packs of candy from the grocery store. Because they’re like $5 and why not?!

41. If you find a stranger attractive, tell them in the least creepy way possible.

It’s cheesey and narcissistic, but you’ll treasure them forever.
It’s cheesey and narcissistic, but you’ll treasure them forever.

42. Take pictures of yourself and your friends! You may feel selfie shame in the moment, but in a few years you’ll be happy you have them.

43. Splurge on a massage or a haircut.

44. Clean all the icons off your desktop. God, doesn’t that feel fantastic?

45. Make a scavenger hunt in your city for a friend or significant other, feel great while they get to go through all items.

46. Make yourself a Fluffernutter.

47. Text and invite a friend who’s awesome but who you’ve lost touch with to a group hang. Freak out when she shows up.

48. Call your parents and just tell them you love them.

49. Have an outdoor barbecue while the weather’s still great.

50. Get a free makeover at a makeup counter. But whatever makes you look really great. Give the person who helped you a big smile and let them know they made your day.

51. Go to a public place and people watch. Write a short story (even if you “can’t write”) about one of the interesting people you see.

52. Go to a scenic place in your city and enjoy the view.

53. Buy a new outfit–entirely new: pants, shoes, socks, suspenders–and wear it out of the store.

54. Admire a perfectly-engineered object, like a well-made knife or an iPhone.

55. Find that special thing in the back of your closet that you’re obsessed with but never wear because, say, it’s leather pants or a see-through bodysuit. Wear that.


56. Go to a few restaurants with your friends and share an order of wings at each, argue about which ones were the best.

57. Take a luxurious nap–let yourself fall asleep on the couch and don’t worry about when you have to wake up. Don’t set an alarm.

58. Find a friend’s email from like, 2007 that you never answered, and reply as though no time has passed at all.

59. Take a different route on your walk, take time to notice how beautiful your neighborhood is.

60. Give a homeless person a book.

61. Make a pile of all the stuff you no longer wear, and donate it.

62. Randomly audition for a role in a play/movie. Carpe ALL the diem.

63. Decorate your apartment by buying a projector and using it to cast a silent movie or music videos onto a blank wall. They’re not too pricey and if you’re a student, you can usually rent them for free from your school’s library.


64. Watch these insane interviews with wrestlers from the 80’s.


65. Go to the beach and relax in the sun.

66. Talk to a crazy person.

67. Buy a ticket to a concert you really want to see.

68. Go up to a street performer and start singing with them.

69. Eat the spiciest thing known to man — the Ghost Pepper. #Yolo.

70. Find a place in your city where you can play laser tag.

71. Take out a certain amount of cash before leaving and then don’t think about money for another second. The last thing you should be doing on your epic day is calculating the tax that another pitcher will detract from your paycheck.

72. Figure out what your anthem would be if you were a stripper. Blast the song alone in your apartment and sexy dance to it.

73. Buy or make a slip ‘n slide.

74. If you have to wait in line somewhere, give yourself an alter-ego and introduce yourself to strangers by your “new name.” Be the acrobat/flight attendant/ex-convict you always wanted to be. See how many white lies you can spew off without blowing your cover.

75. Paint something. Who cares if you don’t know how?

76. Write an actual letter to someone you haven’t talked to in a while.


77. Dream about riding motorcycles.

78. Look through your old pictures and notes from friends and family.

79. Read old emails with someone you loved, and then DELETE THEM FOREVER SO YOU STOP TORTURING YOURSELF.

80. Refuse to second guess yourself for 24 whole hours. For one day, don’t apologize for what you’re not sorry for.

81. See who can kick a soccer ball the farthest or throw a baseball the hardest out of your group of friends.

82. Super soaker battle or water balloon fight!

83. Waste as little of your life in the bar line as possible. Nothing ruins a night more than waiting 45 minutes to get a gin and soda, only to have half of it knocked onto your shoes because it’s so crowded. Get your friends to bring cash and make a game-plan, sending one person up to buy a pitcher or like 10 drinks right away. That person gets her drink paid by you! Team win.

84. Climb a tree.

85. Do weird things on the subway and watch people’s reactions.


86. Make a bonfire somewhere and burn everything that needs to go: the pants that won’t ever fit, letters from your ex, a list of things you hate about yourself. Feel the catharsis as it turns to ash.

87. Get a Disney coloring book, a box of 64 colors, and go to town.

88. Take the time to make an actual nice, home-cooked meal for dinner. Invite people over to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

89. Write down a list of your favorite days from the past year and store it somewhere you won’t find for a few years.

90. Write down a list of totally achievable things you’d like to do in the next year and store it somewhere you’ll see it sporadically and check off your progress.

91. Hide a little bit of cash somewhere in your home to find again someday.

92. Go down a basketball highlight video wormhole. You can start here.

93. Make a new friend out at the bars. Know that perfect level of tipsiness where you become super friendly and want to buy pizza for the dude behind you in line? Or the five dudes behind you in line? You might regret it a little, but it’ll likely be worth the fodder for conversation it’ll create when Stan, Rob, and Dan from Pizza Shack are doing charades with you on your front lawn at the end of the night.

94. Eat a ball of wasabi. The story will be worth it.


95. Look up a complicated drink recipe online and get the ingredients. Enjoy a fancy cocktail in your apartment because, you deserve it!

96. Eat dessert as many times in the day as you’d like. My preference would be 5.

97. Have a bunch of your friends sleep over (throw assorted pillows and blankets on the floor). Feel twelve. Throw on something classic and quote-able, like “Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion.” Play truth or dare and light as a feather, stiff as a board. Get no sleep. LOL when someone finally dozes off and sleep-talks something obscene.

98. Buy a bottle of champagne for no good reason, and then drink it in the bathtub/shower.

99. Tell scary stories with your friends on your roof or around a fire.

100. Smile, just because. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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