25 Signs You Are Actually Lisa Simpson

The Simpsons
The Simpsons

1. All your best friends are actually just books.

2. You started thinking about what college you wanted to go to when you were in elementary school.

3. You always talk about politics and religion on a first date.

4. You’ve dabbled in Buddhism and Wicca among other things, basically anything besides Christianity.

5. You like Jazz and/or buy your CDs at Starbucks.

6. You make friends with salad.

7. You’ve literally never attended a class without asking the teacher a question.

8. As a child you had more friends who were adults than kids your own age.

9. You totally posted the “Kony 2012” video on your Facebook page.

10. You don’t mind bad boys because you think you can reform them from their shady ways.

11. You often feel like no one else in your family “gets” you.

12. At some period in your life you make a political decision to stop shaving your legs, but later realized you can still be a feminist even if you care about your appearance.

13. Your brother’s dorky best friend has a crush on you.

14. You often use words your parents don’t understand.

15. You own some kind of “meat is murder” novelty item.

16. You’ve done political canvassing.

17. Your first crush was on Gore Vidal.

18. At a protest, you’re the person passing out the extra signs you brought.

19. You always, always do the extra credit assignment.

20. You meditate.

21. You have a very low follower to following ratio on Twitter because you’re always tweeting bummer things about global warming.

22. Bill Clinton is your favorite president, for the saxophone playing.

23. You had your first existential crisis at age 8.

24. You’ve made very impractical life decisions because you would rather do almost anything than sacrifice one of your ideals.

25. You have a “Coexist” bumper sticker….on your bike. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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