Wait For The Person Who Makes You Feel Extraordinary


There is nothing wrong with being alone, especially in this generation. If anything, being alone and independent is more accepted than it ever was before, especially for women. It doesn’t make you unlovable or undateable and it definitely doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you. Really, all it means is that you are waiting to be loved in the way that you deserve.

And that’s okay.

It’s okay to wait for someone to sweep you off your feet and there is definitely nothing wrong with being picky until that special someone comes around to change your ways. It’s okay to spend time being single while you find yourself and figure out what you want and need in life. There is no rush.

Wait for the person who gives you butterflies.
The person who makes you feel beautiful and powerful. The person who brightens up your world the second that they walk in the room. The person who you miss. The person who you desire and miss every second that you are apart.

Wait for the person who craves you. The person who doesn’t let you go a day without knowing how appreciated you are. The person who would do anything to make you smile and bring you happiness. The person who loves you unconditionally, always, no matter what.

Wait for the person who makes time for you. The person who would never blow you off. The person who looks forward to seeing you and would never think about backing out of plans.

Wait for the person who supports you. The person whose dreams and goals coincide with yours. The person who wants you to be the best version of yourself, and helps you get there. The person who would never bring you down, but instead, lifts you up higher every single day.

Wait for the person who brings a spark to your world.
The kind of spark you’ve never felt before. The person who brings you passion. The person who makes you feel full of life. Like an addiction, just not an unhealthy kind. But instead, one of the most healthy and amazing things you have ever felt.

Wait for the person who is proud of you. The person who pushes you to be better and celebrates your successes with you, both big and small. The person who is your biggest fan and your cheerleader. The person who wants the best for you and will help you to get there in any way they can.

Wait for the person who your friends and family support. The person who they have been waiting for you to date for years. No more long talks about how you could do better, but instead pure happiness that you have finally found someone that you deserve.

Wait for the person who makes you feel extraordinary. Extraordinary in a way in which you feel you can take on the world. Extraordinary in a way in which anything is possible as long as the two of you have each other. You are better together, and together you are a team. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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