7 Things That Happen When You Lose A Parent When You’re Young

Jesse Herzog

Losing a parent is something that nobody could prepare you for. Especially when it happens at a young age, way earlier than you ever could have anticipated. It has this way of flipping your world completely upside down and leaving you lost, confused and having absolutely no idea what comes next.

You’re at this important place in your life and the person that was always supposed to be there for you, no longer is. You are left to figure out how to pick up the pieces and move on in a way that you never thought you would have to (at least not for a very long time that is).

Your world is forever changed. Everything you once knew and found comfort in is different. You have experienced something that very few people your age will ever have to.

1. You change (a lot).

You will never be the same person that you were before this. You will see the world differently. You will react to things in a different way. This experience will shape you in an unimaginable way. You will forever be changed and defined by this unimaginable loss.

2. You grow up really fast.

You start to do things that you never thought you’d have to deal with at this age. You have to help support your family members and help pick up the pieces that this person left behind. Your younger years start to look a lot differently from those of your friends. Your priorities shift and you grow up way quicker than you could have imagined.

3. It makes you closer to the people you still have.

You become way more family oriented than ever before. Your closest friendships are something you cherish way more than you had in the past. You have a new view of life. You see how quickly this world can take someone from it and you don’t want any wasted time with the people that you love.

4. It makes you resilient.

You went through the unimaginable. You lost the person that meant everything to you. Not only did you do this, but also you survived it. You made it through this so therefore you are sure you could make it through anything. The worst has come and gone, there is nothing that you can’t handle now.

5. You no longer sweat the small stuff.

The silly things your friends and loved ones are complaining about starts to drive you crazy. You much more often notice how unimportant those kinds of things are and how important it is to be present, live in the moment and cherish your loved ones. There is no use in sweating the things that you have no control over.

6. You will be left with an empty void.

No matter how far you come and the process you make, there will always be a piece of you missing. This loss has defined you. Living without this person has become part of who you are. No person will ever take the place of your mom or dad. How could they? The pain of missing this person will forever be engraved in who you are.

7. Your life will never be the same (and that’s okay).

This loss has changed you. Losing this person will define who you are and make you someone different. It will shake you to your core and leave you empty struggling to figure out how to survive. But, you will survive. You will survive and overcome this unimaginable pain.

And although your life will never be the same and you will forever miss this person, you will feel happiness in life again. You will continue to move forward and continue to make your angel in heaven proud. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

I have been a grief blogger since my mom passed away 5 years ago.

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