Here’s What Happens When You Say Goodbye To Someone Who Treated You Like Shit

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Dating someone that treats you like absolute crap…

Unfortunately, way too many of us have been in this situation. The worst part? We don’t usually know how bad things actually are while were in it.

Love is blind. And we love this person with our whole heart.

Love is so blind, that we actually don’t realize that we are worthy and deserving of so much more than what they are giving us.

We are fighting so much harder. We are giving 90% of the effort while they are only giving 10%. No matter what we do, it isn’t enough. We are never enough. When things get hard, they run. When we want to talk and figure out a way to get past it, they leave us crying ourselves to sleep and are no where to be found.

They literally treated us like shit. And we weren’t able to see it. We were so emotionally invested into making something work that everyone around us could see very well was a disaster, that we put a blind eye to all of the hurt, pain and exhaustion this person put us through.

They sucked the life out of us. They left us crying on the bathroom floor begging for another chance and pleading for them not to leave. For what? For them to come back and break our heart all over again?

Well here’s the good part.

Once you are finally done and free of this person, you will come to SO MANY realizations. It will so quickly become clear how many red flags were present in your relationship and that you will NEVER let something or someone do that to you again.

You will watch your friends in similar toxic situations and it will literally make you cringe. You will watch yourself and your own past relationship from the outside and will absolutely drive you crazy. You literally won’t be able to believe that someone could allow another person to treat him or her like this.

Yet, that person was you.

That broken girl who is trying so hard to get the love and desire and attention from the person they love so deeply was you. The damaged girl who wants nothing but the person they love to love them back was you. The girl crying herself to sleep over someone who put no effort in return was you.

But being out of this shit storm; you will never allow someone to treat you this way again. You will see the red flags so quickly. You will notice little things about someone that remind you of the way your ex treated you and you will run far away.

You will never settle. You will never let someone treat you like anything less than a princess. You will never accept anything other than pure, genuine and mutual love.

You will know better. You will never let someone walk all over you, break you and leave you at home crying yourself to sleep, ever again. You will know your worth. You will know better than to ever fight for someone when they aren’t fighting back for you.

You’ve been through hell and back. You’ve had a tough run. But you will be stronger through this.

You will never allow someone to treat you badly, EVER AGAIN. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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