10 Everyday Struggles Of Being Both Strong And Sensitive


One of the most complicated combination of feelings is being both tough and sensitive. You’ve been through so much and are pretty strong, but it doesn’t take much for you to worry or be upset over something someone did or said. It’s a complex way of thinking. Most people can’t really understand how you can be both of these, at the same time.

1. This is a daily struggle. It’s a difficult concept for people to understand that the same person who acts tough as nails and leads people to think they can handle anything is also the same person lying awake at night thinking about what someone said to them that afternoon or dissecting a text message from days prior.

2. Things bother us all throughout the day. We are constantly worried if someone is mad at us or if someone will be upset by a decision that we are making. Our choices and life decisions are constantly revolved around how they will affect someone else.

3. It’s easy for us to be there for our friends and family. It’s easy for us to defend the people we love and take no crap from anyone who wants to hurt them. Unfortunately, we tend to let people use, abuse and hurt us. We don’t treat ourselves the same.

4. But it is rare that anyone even knows we are upset. Due to this “tough” exterior we are able to demonstrate, people never really know how we are actually feeling. We just carry on, like everything is good and fine.

5. We laugh things off and make inappropriate jokes to avoid the emotions of a situation. We display ourselves in such confidence that nobody, for a second would think otherwise.

6. In an argument, we can definitely “give it.” However, everyone is really quick to remind us that when it comes to “taking” a joke or a negative comment, we definitely do not handle it in the same way. Our feelings get hurt and we shut down pretty quickly.

7. We are really good at talking about the ways we would fight someone, or what we would do if someone did something to us. However, 90% of the time we would much rather NEVER actually be confronted with that situation. We would rather avoid the drama at all costs.

8. Our friends are always telling us were all talk. Well, at least we are good at the whole talking part ;)

9. We dislike more people than we can count, but it really bothers us if someone doesn’t think as fondly as us. It is fine for us to cut people out of our life and choose to remove toxic people from our life, but when someone does the same to us, it is an entirely different story. We sit on it. We dwell on it. And we continuously find ourselves asking and wondering what went wrong.

10. We are complicated. We are difficult to understand. We aren’t the easiest person to have a friendship or relationship with. However, aside from all of that, we are full of love and support to give you (even when we try to act tough and scary on the outside). Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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