Leaving Means You Have A Chance To Change

In life we have to face some tough decisions. Many of those tough decisions revolve around whether we should stay or go. We have to decide if we should leave relationships, jobs, schools, friendships, and homes. We have to face these decisions at some point in our lives—we can’t escape them. We can’t give someone else the power to make difficult decisions for us. The only person that really know your best interests is you. And if you ever decide to leave something you were committed to, it gives you an opportunity to change.

One misconception that occurs while we think about change is that it has to be drastic, but you can’t just completely change yourself or your image and expect yourself to be happy. You need to work at your own pace. Sometimes changing requires taking baby steps. If you want to be someone totally different 5 years from now, it might me better to focus on the smaller milestones instead of the big picture. Just take things day-by-day. Like anything in life, you have to be patient. That patience will pay off and develop into change. It may come faster than you think, especially if you’re really dedicated to whatever personal change you want to see in your life.

A change of scenery just might be what you need. One small change can go a long way. Maybe you’re not in a situation where you feel like you can utilize your best tools or traits. Maybe you’re in a relationship that just isn’t exciting anymore. Maybe you’re in an environment that bores you and is uninspiring to you. Life is so much shorter than we believe. We all deserve to live lives that make us smile when we’re on our deathbed. We all should spend the majority of our lives doing what we love. If you’re doing something that doesn’t fall into that category, find a way to change that. Determining whether you want that change to be big or small is up to you.

Changing in a situation where the change may be unwelcoming or not perceived well can be demoralizing. Meeting the needs of others instead of your own is not what you were meant for. You were meant to develop and grow. Seeds grow at their pace, not when others want them to grow. We should be the same way. If there is anything that halts our development, we should change whatever that obstacle is. Don’t be afraid to leave a situation that no longer brings you joy. Any change has the possibility to change the trajectory of your life. Once you get over the temporary discomfort that comes with change, the possibilities for what’s next for you are endless. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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