A Reminder That Your Hard Work Will Pay Off

As I got older, I realized how hard it is to be an adult. It’s something I always wanted as a kid. I guess I’m still glad I am an adult. I had my struggles as a kid, and I thought those struggles were always going to define who I was. Each day is an opportunity to grow, and I eventually proved to myself that I could grow because I became an adult and I had the independence that I’ve always wanted. What I didn’t think about was how hard I had to work at that and how much time and energy it took out of me. This is something that all adults can relate to now because we have to work at something. We have jobs, families, relationships, and various forms of health that we have to work on. Whatever you’re doing, it’s work. Even getting a good night’s sleep is work with all the stress and responsibilities we have to balance out.

As annoying as that is, the thing that makes it more agitating is that we don’t always see the results immediately. The hard work we put into ourselves, our work, or our friends and family don’t always get immediately recognized. We put a good amount of energy into things that we need and are passionate about, but yet it feels like we didn’t do enough because we don’t get immediate results. It’s demoralizing. Everyone has felt this for something they’ve worked hard on. But you have to remember that the results due eventually come around.

Everything you’ve worked for will pay off. So much of our work takes time to get recognized. Some of us may work towards getting a degree. Unfortunately, it takes years for us to finish. We try to be our best selves in relationships and sometimes we feel like that doesn’t pay off. But it eventually does. If we work hard on something, we just have to keep going even if the results don’t arrive immediately. We just have to keep persevering and know that the results will be a part of us at some point. Your temperament will be tested as well as your desire to continue whatever you’re working on. It’s worth it in the end. No person should ever been punished or ignored when they work hard. The recognition will come as well as any accolades that come with that hard work. If you want it, don’t give up. Someone will see your dedication and will cheer you on and help you get the results you yearn for. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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