19 Questions You Wish You Could Ask Their Ex

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1. Are you dating again yet? What are you waiting for?

2. Did you ever kind of enjoy hanging out with his friends more than you enjoyed hanging out with him?

3. What’s the real reason you broke up?

4. Do you ever look at my Facebook page and hate me? If so, how do you justify it?

5. Do you have fantasies about getting back together… and can you not?

6. What aspects of his personality are you responsible for / should I blame you for?

7. Were your parents concerned about your future when you guys were dating?

8. What am I supposed to do when he shuts down?

9. Do your friends know who I am?

10. Can a bad day be fixed with food? Sex? A bonding drug experience?

11. Was your birthdate a thing he remembered on a regular basis, or was he more likely to remember the Numbers from LOST?

12. Can I expect to be surprised at all, or is this more of a what you see is what you get kind of thing?

13. How was the sex for you guys? Do you miss it?

14. Do you ever wish we could be friends?

15. Are you OK with the idea that I probably know some intensely personal things about you?

16. What was the biggest point of contention in your relationship?

17. Should I believe him when he warns me about the more toxic aspects of his personality?

18. Do I need to be super concerned about getting my heart broken?

19. What do you wish you could ask me? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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