An Interview With The Woman Who Brushed Her Teeth With Feces To Impress Hunter Moore

An Interview With The Woman Who Ate Her Own Feces To Impress Hunter Moore

Some 19-year-old girl recently videoed herself using a pink princess toothbrush to brush her teeth with her own shit and piss, just because she wanted to attract the attention of Hunter Moore — cunt and founder of “revenge porn” website, IsAnyoneUp?

The video seemed to do the job and within five minutes it was all over the Internet and Moore was milking the attention faster than my housemate milks our pregnant cat. Her Twitter account went from practically zero followers to over a thousand in a few days and her further uploading of nauseating photos and videos proved that she doesn’t feel like a minger for it. In fact she seems pretty proud of herself and even includes “#girlwhoateshit” in her bio. Oh, CUTE!

Since Brittany’s now one of those f-list, non-deserving celebrities, I caught up with her to grill her on her devotion to Hunter Moore, her level of respect for women and whether or not she has threadworms coming out of her ass yet before anyone else did.

Hi Brittany. Why did you brush your teeth with your own shit?

It was to win an iPhone from Hunter Moore. He said that he would give it away to the person that did the sickest thing and although I already have an iPhone, it was the need to get his attention.

All day you see these girls sending him photos of their breasts or doing crazy things and every girl wants to be the one that one-ups the others. So I thought back to the girl that allegedly licked her own tampon and wondered how I could one-up that. I was like, “I could do something disgusting. I really, really could.” I knew he would be really flattered that somebody would do something so disgusting just to get his attention.

Did you win the iPhone in the end?

Yes, I did.

Did he sign it?

No he didn’t but he joked about putting poop in the box and I was like, “Please don’t do that.”

An Interview With The Woman Who Ate Her Own Feces To Impress Hunter Moore

Ew. Do you have worms coming out of your ass now?

No, because I really sanitized afterwards and I didn’t swallow anything. At least that’s what I tell myself.

That’s good. Is this the first ‘celebrity’ that you’ve been infatuated with?

I have always had those crushes on celebrities but I think with Hunter, the fact that he is not yet unreachable made it so much more because with a celebrity it’s like, “Oh yeah right, I’ll probably never talk to them,” but with Hunter he’s still in that stage of his early fame that he still talks to his fans so it’s sort of like, “I’m going to get your attention right now before you’re huge and then you’ll always remember me,” kind of thing.

Do your friends and family know what you’ve done?

Yeah. A lot of people that I thought were my friends saw it and were very disgusted. When I told my parents they actually thought it was funny. They were like, “Oh my gosh. Good for you but also be careful,” kind of thing but they actually thought it was funny. My mom is a drill sergeant and she wouldn’t usually think something like this was funny at all but she was actually encouraging me to do more videos.

Weird. Do you live with your parents?

No, I live with my fiancé.

You have a fiancé?! What does he think of this?

When I told him what I was going to do he thought I was kidding, but when the video blew up on the internet he thought it was hilarious. He’s also a fan of Hunter and submits photos of himself to his male photo contests.

Does your fiancé get jealous?

I think there’s this sex appeal about Hunter Moore that’s like, every girl wants to settle down with a good guy but they want to have an affair with a bad guy, and I think that’s the persona that Hunter puts off. He’s a troublemaker and a bad boy and that’s what is so appealing about him. My fiancé gets a little jealous but he tries to laugh it off and roll his eyes at me as long as I don’t take it too far, you know?

If putting your own shit in your mouth isn’t too far, what is?

Well the other day Hunter asked me if I would fly to LA to do a podcast with him. He uploads podcasts of him and his friends talking about ridiculous things, so he just wanted me to go there to talk about eating poop and to do it again live. I said yes but asked if I could bring a friend and he was like, “No, you should come alone — don’t worry I won’t rape you,” which was a joke but I think it was in the back of everybody’s mind that I might have an affair with him. I think the thought of me going to see him by myself was a little bit too much for my fiancé.

So Hunter was pretty impressed by your shit-eating?

Well I emailed him the video and within three minutes he tweeted like, “Oh my gosh guys, this girl just sent me a video of her brushing her teeth with poo,” and it just blew up within five minutes — I really didn’t think it would get so big.

There are also photos of you licking a used sanitary towel on your Twitter account. Do you have some kind of weird fetish?

I think I do. I think I’m part of that 1% of people that really gets off on that kind of stuff and it’s something I want people to feel they don’t have to be ashamed of. You can still live your life and be a normal human. We all have this need and this fetish to be disgusting and that’s exciting.

Are you proud of what you’ve done?

I am proud of what I did. I’ve gotten emails from people telling me how I’ve saved their life or impacted them in some way because I took the bullying I received from the video and just laughed it off and didn’t play the victim. I hope to continue to make people feel like you can be crazy, like you can be yourself. I want to prove that to get someone’s attention you don’t have to be nude and you don’t have to show off your body parts but that you can be crazy and you can take the hate that people give. I mean, people told me to kill myself and that I deserve to die but I laugh at that and kill the bullies with kindness. I laugh at people as they laugh at me.

Hunter Moore has recently asked his fans, aka “children”, what they want to see you do next. Don’t you feel as if he’s exploiting you? After all, he did tell us in an interview, and I quote, “All I really do is take advantage of them; it’s just them being fucking retarded.”

I definitely know that he is. I know that I’m helping him as much as he’s helping me. He is exploiting it and using it to show off what somebody would do for him, but at the same time I love him so much that I’m willing to help his career and be the butt of the joke. However I’m excited to hear what people would like me to do next. I’m also very frightened but I hope to continue with this — I didn’t want it to just be a one-time thing. I want to keep going. I want to be infamous for showing who I am and for giving Hunter Moore that attention so that he always remembers me as the girl that would do something so profound just to talk to him.

So you’ve licked your period blood, eaten someone else’s sick and put your own feces and urine in your mouth. What’s next?

I’ve been waiting to hear what his children want to see because it obviously really depends on them. They’re not going to watch me do something that somebody else has done. I’m sure it’s going to have something to do with more poop to show the skeptical people that it really is real. You know, something up-close and personal so that they know for sure, without a doubt, that I really put human feces in my mouth.

An Interview With Woman Who Ate Her Own Feces To Impress Hunter Moore

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Would you put Hunter’s shit in your mouth?

To be completely honest with you, without hesitation.

I feel like what you’re doing makes us girls seem stupid and desperate for male attention, and I don’t like that.

There’s always going to be people that feel that way but at the same time, I feel like there are a number of women that do what I’m doing on a regular basis. There’s always people who think they’re crazy and are scared to be themselves and they might like what I’ve done because I wasn’t afraid to do it. I feel like girls will look at my videos and be like, “Not only can I show my boobs or my ass but I can also take it to the next level to get a guy’s attention, because this girl ate poop for someone and what I do isn’t going to be as bad as that.”

Exactly — stupid and desperate. Would you call yourself a feminist?

Definitely. Like I said, my mom has always been a drill sergeant in the military and my sister, who is only ten months older than me, is a lesbian. I could talk about women and our rights all day long so yeah, I would call myself an opinionated, loud-mouthed feminist. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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