Do Not Settle For Anything Less Than What You Deserve

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Would you rather buy something cheap that you’ll end up having to replace because it gets broken easily than go for the one that’s pricey but lasts longer? Would you rather waste your time on something uncertain than wait for something genuine and worth having? Would you rather spend all your time and effort on someone who you clearly know isn’t the one you’re going to end up with than make room for someone God has destined for you? Well, I would always go for the latter ones.

Some people are in a relationship, but they actually feel lonelier than the ones who aren’t. They are not happy at all. But the thing is they can’t leave, or should I say they don’t want to leave because they have invested so many feelings in their partners, especially if they have been together for ages. They don’t want to leave because they think they are never going to find someone better than them. They don’t want to start over again with another person. Or simply because they are scared of being alone.

If you are in a toxic relationship, learn how to let go. Let go of all the hurt, stress, and disappointments by letting go of that person.

I know it’s normal for couples to fight and for some, it actually makes them stronger, but if you cry every night and you start to question yourself, if it’s worth your tears then it’s probably not. You’re in a relationship so you could bring out the best in each other, not keep hurting each other. Your partner is meant to make your life better, not the other way around.

Know your worth. Don’t just settle for someone that you obviously know you don’t deserve just because you’ve been together for a long time. Let go of him so you can make room for the person good enough for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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