10 Things To Do When You’re Alone In Your Apartment That Will Make Life Better


1. Watch Ally McBeal, Gilmore Girls, or any other female-dominated comedy circa 2001. This has been my only consistent pastime in life, best experienced in the comfort of solitude. They laugh, they cry, they kiss a lot of people. The early 2000s will leave you nostalgic and you’ll reanalyze your outlook on life.

2. Take a shower. Because chances are you woke up mid-day and haven’t gotten one yet. The stained oversized tee sans-pants is a great look and all, but you could go on and get clean so the couch won’t smell. Upside, no one can nag about how much water you’re wasting and you can try your roommate’s new shampoo.

3. Decorate. There’s probably a holiday coming up to decorate for, or you could paint a flower on a sheet of newspaper that’s been sitting next to the couch for a month. Thank you, Pinterest.


5. Cook all the food that your roommates hate. Eat said food. Last week I bought two zucchinis and proceeded to bake and devour them all. It was the best.

6. Clean. Cause it’s starting to get gross in there and you’re bored. The bathroom is dusty and you’ve got all those boxes that needed to be thrown out from when you moved in months ago. Just don’t be bitter that your roommates don’t contribute to the housekeeping. This was your choice, after all.

7. Practice playing that one Taylor Swift song that you’ve been secretly teaching yourself on the keyboard. (Maybe this is too personal?)

8. Utilize the alone time and watch every sad movie on Netflix you can think of, because no one is around to see you cry. Somewhere in Time is my favorite for this kind of thing.

9. Organize your messy roommate’s entire everything. He/she will come home and you’ll be like “Surprise, I Mary Poppins’ed your room, you nasty little thing.”

10. Invite someone over. You’re lonely. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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