6 Things Every 20-Something Should Have For Themselves

There are a lot of things and list that people in their twenties feel like they have to tick off but at the end of the day if you have these things, all the other stuff will most likely fall into place.
New Girl
New Girl

1. A good group of friends

There are so many reasons why this is a must have for every twenty something. You need people to support you, to uplift you, to keep you from making huge mistakes. A strong group of friends that are close in age and value same things as you will always help you keep things in perspective. At the end of the day, they will make you laugh, provide a shoulder to lean on, and have a nice tendency to supply you with libations. They will help to inspire you and remind you of all the great qualities you have that often times we forget about.

2. A Creative outlet

Whether it be knitting, writing, cooking, dancing, or singing in the shower, everyone needs a way to let off a little steam. It’s also important to remember that converting your negative energies into something positive and productive is one of the differences between a being mature adult and a child. Connecting with the right side of your brain (especially if you’re not particularly expressive and creative person) will help to make you more well rounded and appreciative of the small beauties in life we take for granted.

3. A happy place

… that may or may not be a bar. Just someplace where you can go to get away from everything and that makes you feel like a normal person. Maybe it’s a private place like your bed, or your childhood bedroom, or maybe it’s a public place like a park or the beach that’s a drive away. Either way, having a place that brings you joy and keeps you from flying off the rails is a much needed thing for people in their twenties. (And really, at any age.)

4. A mentor

Someone who is older and wiser and can guide you in the right direction professionally or personally. It could be an older sibling, a boss, or just someone you admire but regardless you have someone to talk to about the -GASP- future. It’s important to have this person for those moments when you have no idea which decision to make or path to chose, which in you twenties is quite often.

5. A big (almost impossible) goal, idea, or dream

Of course you should have many ideas, and dream, and goals at this point in your life but one of them should be big – like “how the fuck will I ever accomplish this” type big. We have a tendency when we get older to start thinking that the impossible things in life are just that, impossible. Keeping one of those things in your mind helps you to remember what’s really important to you and where your passions really lie. No matter what you should have this for yourself, because people who let go of their big hopes and dreams before thirty are sad sad people.

6. An experience that sets you apart

Your twenties are the time in life when mistakes are encouraged and adventures are plentiful. You should have an experience, a story, and a path that sets you apart from everyone else that’s doing the same thing. Embracing the things in your life that make you different helps when you’re interviewing for a job picking a mate, and finding new friends. Having something that happen to you that makes you who you are is vital to success and to an over all fulfilled and happy life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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