10 Times When Cuddling Is Just The Best

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We’re all human, and regardless of the gender stereotype that it’s only women, everyone has times in life when either wrapping your arms around or having yourself wrapped in someone else’s arms is just pure bliss.

1. Rainy days

Is there a more fitting time to snuggle than when you’ve got your sweatpants on, a hot cup of something, and the sound & smell of fresh rain coming through the window? I think not. It’s like why God invented cuddles.

2. During movie marathons

Scary movies, chick flicks, indie films – doesn’t matter the genre they all lend themselves perfectly to feeling someone else pressed against you while your head lies on their body. Plus, how else is someone going to be close enough to throw popcorn accurately into your mouth?!

3. After a really hard day

Everything – and I mean EVERYTHING, that could go wrong, did go wrong. Most times it’s not even that serious, it’s just one of those days where a series of unfortunate events have you craving pizza, an alcoholic beverage and a never ending supply of cuddles. It’s a simple fix, but sometimes it’s the only way you can find to justify human existence.

4. After a really perfect day

You’ve been firing on all cylinders and it seems as if you just can’t lose because everything is coming up roses. You feel like maybe it might not be possible to feel any happier and then it does because someone wants to feel you next to them and it’s as if by osmosis you are passing on happiness to your partner.

5. When you’re sick

Want to know if someone loves you? Wait until the day when you – feverish, runny nose, messy hair, and 3 day old pajama wearing self is soothed into a Nyquil daze by someone holding you. Forget the fact that you’ll probably be repaying the favor in a matter of days it just feels good to have someone else taking care of you so intimately.

6. Post sex

At this point we should all just admit it – post orgasm inducing sex cuddles are like icing on a very yummy cake. It’s this moment where physiologically your body wants you to be close to the person you just knocked boots with and if you’re honest, you know you like it too.

7. When you can’t sleep

Not all couples fall asleep spooning, especially if it’s later on in your relationship and/or it’s the middle of the summer and honestly it’s just too hot to feel someone else’s body that close to you. However, there is something miraculously lulling about feeling someone else’s steady breathing, and firm heartbeat late at night that will knock you out every time.

8. When you can’t find the words to articulate how you feel

Because you’re sad, or angry, or scared, or lonely, or all of the above and words just won’t do the trick. Because just being in their arms means you don’t have to speak, you can just – be.

9. While watching something beautiful

Like a sunset, or fireworks, or just sitting in the park enjoying the summer sun. It’s always nice to be enjoying those with someones else but it just bring it home in a different way when you’re totally zipped together with another person watching it.

10. When you’re in love

Lets be honest, cuddling is awesome, but there are no parallels to cuddling with someone you’re in love with. It’s like time stands still and you can’t picture ever wanting to let go/be let go of. This type of cuddling usually leads to laughing, and tickling, and maybe a couple of other things that all lead back to cuddling. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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