8 Simple Acts Of Love That Every Man Should Be Doing

1. Taking time to notice when we get ready.

If she has put in effort to looking really nice for a night out, and you’re excited to just jump off the couch and go out when she comes out of her room, don’t rush out the door. Take a moment, really look at her, and tell her how wonderful she looks. Notice something in particular, and thank her for looking so nice for you. It can be the difference between “why did I even do my hair” and “I love to see that look on his face.”

2. Saying “I’ve got it taken care of” when it comes to going out.

It’s such a simple phrase, and yet it means so much. Often women are left making the decisions for all things social — where we’re going, the planning of events, what we’ll eat — and it’s so nice to have a man who makes that decision every now and again. Saying “Don’t worry about this weekend, I’ve got it taken care of,” is sexier than you can imagine.

3. Sending good morning texts.

Just a little “Good morning, beautiful” goes a long, long way. Tell us you hope we have a wonderful day, and we’ll have one, regardless of what happens.

4. Making food now and then, even if you can’t cook.

It doesn’t matter if it’s just bringing her a cup of coffee exactly the way she takes it, the point is that you took time to do something with your hands — something that costs nothing, but means a lot — to show her that you care and are thinking of her. Cooking might not be your thing, but making someone feel special doesn’t need to be some complicated meal. If you get to the level of “making scrambled eggs and toast on Sunday mornings,” even if they’re not the best eggs in the world, you will have leveled up as a boyfriend.

5. Holding hands in front of your friends.

Maybe you don’t even realize, but often guys — even really good ones — can be different in front of their guys. Society doesn’t want them to seem “weak” or “emotional,” so they tend to be a little more stiff and cold. But showing affection while out with your friends, even just squeezing our hand to let us know you’re with us, speaks volumes.

6. Making little nicknames for things.

Nicknames are one of the best parts of a relationship. Whether it’s pet names that the two of you have for each other that are totally silly, or secret code words for things that only the two of you know, it’s like a secret language. It brings you closer.

7. Bringing flowers for no reason.

Flowers aren’t for holidays. Flowers are for random, rainy Tuesdays when we thought nothing special was going to happen, until we get home or to the office and see the bouquet you got for us. Flowers are for transforming otherwise-boring days into a perfect reminder of why we love you so much.

8. Complimenting little things that have nothing to do with our looks.

We know you think we’re beautiful, but somehow, there’s nothing better than hearing you say “I love your dumb dad jokes” while you’re laughing at some pun we made. Telling us what you love about us (and not just about the way we look) reminds us why we’re with you. Because unlike other guys who might just notice on the street, you actually see us, the way we really want to be seen. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – haley

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