21 Reasons 20-Somethings Are Terrible At Relationships

1. They’re selfish. They are currently thinking about how to turn an unpaid internship into a job, a job into a good job, and a good job into a salary that they can buy video games and/or nice purses on. It’s a very materialist time.

2. There are just way too many options, especially with online dating no longer a taboo. You can go anywhere, at any time, and find the new love of your life (or of the night).

3. Everyone is maturing at a much slower pace now, and people aren’t as interested in making serious commitments any more, because the idea is to have the most flexible lifestyle you can possibly have.

4. This is the time that people want to travel, and let’s be honest, that’s a lot easier to do when you don’t have anyone else to worry about or plan around.

5. People are still just getting used to the idea that you can go to a bar any night you want, legally drink alcohol, and grind on anyone in the entire place — and even go home with them if you decide they’re hot enough. It’s still a novelty.

6. They have roommates, which is bad for sex purposes.

7. The ones that don’t have roommates are usually living in crappy studios or efficiency apartments that are also not conducive to sex (and are often gross).

8. When you go out on a date, it’s nice to be able to have at least one party who can offer to pay the whole thing, and that’s way too much of a financial strain for a lot of 20-somethings.

9. Everyone is generally divided into two sections — the people who are prematurely married with kids, and the people who refuse completely to find something serious and treat it with respect. Its very hard to find someone who falls in the middle of the two.

10. Basically every aspect of your life, from high school onwards, is well-documented on the internet. And they are going to see that, and believe that they’re going to judge the hell out of it.

11. They still hold a lot of juvenile views about sexuality, and many of them haven’t come into the kind of maturity where they realize that a person’s sexual history or preferences has no bearing on their character or value.

12. A lot of them have really jaded views of relationships and marriage in general, because they grew up in an environment where that wasn’t important, or it didn’t work out well.

13. They still have to grow into a real relationship with their family, and that should definitely be established before they consider adding a new person to their family.

14. Everyone lies on their dating profiles.

15. They are very obsessed with how they come off to their friends, their coworkers, and their social networks. If you don’t look good on Instagram, they’re probably not going to be interested in dating you.

16. Everything is valued based on how exciting, interesting, or new it is — the idea of putting in work on something, year after year, with the same person is absolutely terrifying.

17. They tend to be really judgmental about what is and isn’t cool, and are very likely to make fun of you for liking the wrong director or band or TV show. (And who has time for that shit???)

18. Their communication skills are terrible, and a lot of them feel like texting a few words and a smiley face is just as good as having an actual conversation.

19. They have a shit-ton of debt. Like, a lot of it. Unless you’re making the Monopoly Man’s salary, you’re probably going to rent everything for your entire life if you settle down with them.

20. A lot of them are still living with their parents which, I’m sorry, is just not good for long-term relationships. While certain circumstances can always be made an exception, generally you want someone who has all of the life skills that come with living entirely independently — and that includes finances. If you’re still relying on mom and dad, it probably means you’re not ready for a serious commitment.

21. Most of them are going to be living in a different city in three years anyway. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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