23 Signs You’re A Serial Monogamist

1. Your friends frequently forget who you’re dating at the moment, even though they know you’re dating someone, because it’s changed so often in the past few months.

2. To be honest, you don’t even really get that offended anymore (even though you used to get super indignant when they forgot), because you know that you’re just dating this person for the time being and are clearly not going to end up with them.

3. Far too often, you get the timeline of your own love life confused because none of the relationships have a clear beginning or end (and several of them overlapped emotionally).

4. Sometimes you see pictures of yourself with an old flame and it takes you a good ten seconds to remember who they are, and why they are in the picture with you — and the answer is invariably “Oh, right, we dated for a few weeks last summer.”

5. You don’t even bother telling people when you’re single because you know it’s not going to last more than a week or so.

6. The only pauses in your relationship schedule come in the form of several day or week interludes of “seeing someone,” which is basically all of the components (and comforts) of a relationship, without the title.

7. The thing that is most important to you is the companionship, the cuddling, and the affection. You never just go for sex with someone — even if they’re really hot — because you actually want everything that goes on before and after.

8. You’ve had drive-by relationships where the person barely even knew that the two of you were official before you broke it off.

9. Your long-term relationships have ended because you felt that you needed to break free and be on your own for a while, but you quickly followed them up with a rebound who gave you all of the emotional affirmation you couldn’t live without.

10. There are times when you want to be alone, but you never want to be single. You always want to know that there is someone you can reach out for if you really need to.

11. You have often asked yourself if the problem is that you think you’re just not good enough alone, but you’re afraid to give that question a real answer.

12. The thrill of falling in love with someone again is a high unlike any drug or drink you have ever encountered, and you absolutely know that you are addicted to it.

13. You’re not sure if you could remember all of your relationships if you were forced to count them.

14. Since the age you started dating — somewhere in high school — you can’t remember any significant period of time that you were really alone. Even in the moments where you were browsing different options, you had a few people you could call if you needed an emotional pick-me-up.

15. Your friends rarely show that much excitement anymore when meeting your new significant other for the first time, because they know that it is likely going to be someone they only see a few times in their lives.

16. You’ve never had a one-night-stand because you always follow up and try to force a relationship out of them.

17. On more than one occasion, you have dated someone simply because they were in close proximity and treated you decently enough. It was more about convenience than anything else.

18. All of your favorite songs, by far, are love songs.

19. For all of the major milestones in your life, there was always someone beside you for the photo-op and during the celebrations. You’ve never passed any of those goalposts as a single person.

20. You sometimes feel like your whole life is divided amongst a bunch of different people, and you could never go back to each one and piece it all together.

21. Most of your exes are people you know you will never meaningfully talk to again, because you were never that invested in them in the first place.

22. When people ask you what you are looking for in a partner, it’s really hard to answer, because you have settled so many times for people who were less than what you wanted. You imagine that there is a real ideal partner, but you have never taken the time to find out what that really is.

23. You are either falling in love, or falling out of it. There is no in-between. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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