13 People Reveal The Most INSANE Thing Their Ex Has Ever Done

Jennifer’s Body
Jennifer’s Body

1. Lied about cancer.

“My ex used to make up elaborate stories to get out of going to class or work. Once he left his email open on my computer and I saw an email to a prof saying he hadn’t been in class for 2 weeks because he was taking care of his sick girlfriend who had just been diagnosed with cancer. I was sick? News to me!” – Karen, 25.

2. Literally ran away from confrontation.

“My last boyfriend was a total psycho. I’m not the kind of person to try and work out issues over text but in person he would literally run into another room and hide until hours later when I had left or when he thought I would be done getting mad. So then he told me I would need to text him about any issues because he couldn’t handle in person communication about it. Seriously? But then if I tried to text him about anything serious he would make up excuses for all of a sudden not being around his phone/having bad service. Dude was 28 years old. Grow up.” – Kelsey, 31.

3. Invited all of her side pieces to hang out together.

“My ex was a fucking piece of work. She had 3 guys on the side the entire time we dated. I had no clue. I found out the week before I was going to buy a ring. Oh, how did I find out? She had a housewarming party for her new apartment I HELPED HER GET and she invited those dudes as guests. I guess she thought there was enough people there we wouldn’t interact? Well we’re all drinking and taking shots and I happen to ask one of them how they know my girlfriend. “Oh, she’s someone I’ve been seeing.” I thought he misspoke and meant past tense. Nope. After some confusion and both of us getting pissed off we both explain our side of it. Another guy overheard us and was like, huh???? There’s more I could say but basically, it was not a very good housewarming party. Maybe not invite all of the dudes you’re fucking?” – Marc, 27.

4. Everyone is insane!

“Every ex I’ve had has been insane. Where do you want me to start? There was the ex who used to get jealous over having a sex toy. The ex who used to cry after we had sex. Every time. The ex who had to eat eggs every morning at 7 a.m. every single day without feeling okay. Everyone’s insane. No one is normal.” – Ted, 23.

5. Found journals from highschool.

My last boyfriend found a box of journals I kept from highschool and early college and ripped out pages and brought them up in a fight and started arguing with me about the things I said I did back then. Like I had written about boys, dates I had gone on, and he accused me of being a slut and how it had been obvious for years. I couldn’t believe I had to defend shit I wrote from when I was 17 years old. It’s not like they were all boys I had slept with, they were just boys I had crushes on. And it doesn’t matter, those were my personal journals!! I kept dating him for 6 months after that. No idea why.” – Kim, 34.

6. s o c i o p a t h

My ex used to lie about everything. Even something as simple as where she went shopping or where she went to lunch. I caught her in so many lies. Eventually, I found out almost everything she told me was bullshit – the college she went to, what her family did. Total sociopath.” – Chris, 27.

7. Stole my shit to buy booze.

My ex was an alcoholic and a drug addict and when I went on vacation with my family to Hawaii she broke into my place and stole my game systems to buy liquor.” – Michael, 34.

8. Told everyone I was a pornstar.

The last guy I dated was the worst person in the world I have ever met. He destroyed my life, my relationships, and my self-esteem. I’m just now getting over it. He was a very jealous and manipulative person. During our relationship he tried getting me to break off my relationships with my mom and sister because he said they weren’t healthy for me. When I broke up with him he actually drove 2 hours to my mom’s house to tell her she needed to know who I really was and claimed I was a pornstar and cam girl on the internet. Obviously, it was all bullshit. It seems so ridiculous now and it’s such a stupid, ridiculous lie but it definitely freaked my mom out. She wasn’t the only one he tried to convince to end relationships with me. He contacted my best friend, some friends from high school on Facebook, people that were just basic acquaintances. For a long time I had a lot of anxiety issues because of him. Ugh, still don’t know how I ended up with a person like him.” – Kristen, 30.

9. Contacted my boss.

“I broke up with my ex and she actually emailed my boss and told him I was a terrible person and that I didn’t deserve to have a job. It was so embarrassing and luckily, we just kind of laughed about it at the office but it was really uncomfortable and not fun talking to my boss about personal issues.” – David, 36.

10. Put my X-box in the bathtub during a fight.

“My last girlfriend got so pissed during a fight she took my X-box and put it in the bathtub and turned the water on, ruining it. Bitch didn’t even offer to repair it or buy me a new one.” – Chris, 24.

11. Slept with my sister in revenge.

My boyfriend asked me to marry him after only 3 months of dating. I cared about him but damn, 3 months? Way too soon to get engaged! I said I just wanted to keep dating like we were and that I couldn’t get engaged to someone unless I had dated them a few years. The next day I got a call from my sister I don’t talk to that often because she’s so busy with law school. She had known I had a boyfriend but didn’t know his name or anything about him. She said she had gone out the night before and hooked up with a guy to only then reveal he knew she was my sister (he had seen her on my Facebook) and that he only pursued her because he wanted to get revenge on me. My sister felt absolutely terrible. I never talked to the guy again.” – Larissa, 29.

12. Pretended like he didn’t know me.

One time I was out shopping with my mom when I ran into my boyfriend who was with 2 girls. We had been dating for about 8 months and he was spending 3-4 nights a week at my place, so we were pretty serious. I was like, oh hey babe, whats up? He seriously looked at me like he had no idea who I was and said “excuse me, do I know you?” I said, uhm yeah, it’s me, Kelly. Your girlfriend??” He just walked off. When I saw him later that night I asked him what happened and he pretended like he didn’t know what I was talking about. I broke it off a week later.” – Kelly, 26.

13. He shit on my porch!

I went on a few dates with a guy, so he wasn’t technically a boyfriend or an ex, but this is pretty insane. We went on a few dates and he was cute and cool but something seemed off about him. I couldn’t put my finger on it. He asked me one night if I would meet his parents that weekend and I said no, I thought that was too soon. The next morning I left my apartment to get coffee and there was a giant human turd on my porch with a note that said, “you shit on my heart so I shit on your porch. Fuck you.” Hope that dude gets on medication soon.” – Crystal, 27. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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