19 Foreigners On The One Thing About Americans They Just Don’t Get


Kahunapule Michael Johnson
Kahunapule Michael Johnson

I’m currently on the road and I thought I’d ask the foreigners I’m meeting along the way about the one thing about Americans they just don’t understand about us. What do you think about their perspective?

1. “Why do Americans laugh so loudly? Talk so loudly? We can hear you, you know.” – Abe, Israel.

2. “Easiest way to spot an American tourist? They’re wearing shorts! Shorts are ugly. Don’t wear shorts. You do not look professional that way.” – Jorge, Panama.

3. “Americans are way too sensitive. I feel like anytime I talk to an American I have to bite my tongue when I’m talking about politics. I understand Americans are all very PC and trying to tone down hate speech but it’s amazing how they react when you want to speak your mind on their shitty government system.” – Alex, Belgium. 

4. “Why do Americans and Brits have different accents? You look exactly the same.” – Micca, Guatemala.

5. “Why do Americans always say something is ‘awesome’ or ‘cool’? Americans always use over the top adjectives riddled with cheese. I understand that they’re a friendly bunch but they’re too positive about everything. You can’t possibly be THAT happy all the time or think everything is that awe-inspiring to call it awesome.” – Gerard, England.

6. “Americans always call themselves Irish or Italian even though they’re not. They’re fucking American! They will argue so badly about how Irish they are even though all it means is their great-great-great grandmother was Irish. You are not your ancestors. You were born and raised in America. Therefore, you are American.” – Ralph, Ireland.

7. “Don’t think that just because Americans are smiling that they’re happy. They smile for no reason. It’s cute but confusing. Why smile so much?” – Christina, Germany.

8. “They really restrict other cultures to certain stereotypes. If you say you’re from Italy they go ‘Oh, I love pasta!’ What does that have to do with anything? Just because I’m from Italy doesn’t actually mean I’m sitting around eating pasta all day.” – Natalia, Italy.

9. “Americans are generally nice, outgoing people but…tipping doesn’t work…not really sure why Americans are so crazy for tipping. I hate when I go to America and the servers are in my face asking me if I’m okay or how my food is. Bugger off!!” – John, England.

10. “Oh, I love Americans. They’re so sweet and delicate. Like little flowers, you must be careful with what you say to them. Can be so sensitive. I think the one thing I don’t get about them is why they think they have to be polite all the time. They’ll usually be nice even if they’re uncomfortable. Makes me feel bad for them.” – Ailsa, Spain.

11. “Why do Americans refrigerate their eggs? They don’t need to be in there. You guys drink too much milk. That stuff is weird.” – Pablo, Guatemala.

12. “Hahaha Americans! They’re hilarious! They write the month before the day. They always have to be so special and doing everything against what the rest of the world is doing! It’s great!” – Anwen, Germany.

13. “There’s no set guidelines on tipping. It makes it frustrating for having a class meal. Also, the prices are not set in the stores. If something says it’s a certain price that’s the price it should be!” – Arabella, Ireland.

14. “The food portions for one person could feed an entire family! Why must you have so much food every meal? No wonder your waists are getting so large. When me mum and me go to America we just order one of something and split it. Easier that way and don’t have food to waste.” – Kelia, England.

15. “I feel bad you work too much. When I meet Americans they say, ‘Oh, I’m only traveling for 2 weeks. I have to go back to work.’ You live to work. I do not understand that. Most travelers I meet are on the road for at least three months. Me, I am on the road 6 months. Don’t understand a life dedicated to a paycheck.” – Bronwen, Wales.

16. “You all must be so politically correct! It is as if you are afraid to speak out of line. What is Obama doing to your country? Also, you guys don’t know anything about other countries. I know the capital of the States but not one American I meet knows the capital of Australia. How embarrassing. You guys are great though. Can’t party as hard as Australians but you’re fun.” – Oliver, Australia.

17. “Why is the bread so sweet in America? Why is there artificial sweetners in everything? How come you have not taken a stand against all of the poisonous chemicals in your food? Why do you get so excited about football? Why is your music always so good?” – Ethan, Germany. 

18. “You’re so proud of the American flag. Why? Do you think America is just that great? Portion sizes grosses me out. Shopping is too stressful. You are too pushy. Being able to ask your doctor for a prescription. How can you just ask for this? It is very odd. None of you know any languages and you’re bad at math. I’m just giving them a hard time. They’re always the friendliest people I meet. Good people.” – Blake, Australia.

19. “You Americans are always shooting each other up like you don’t have anything else better to do. I turn on the evening news while I’m in New York and there’s shootings happening all night it seems. Very frightening.” – David, Ireland. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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