16 Things That Happen When Your Best Friend Lives In A Different Time Zone


1. You’re rarely ever online at the same time so when you find that magical space and time where you’re both actually online and able to chat you chat it the fuck up. Weird/hilarious/awful GIFs are shared, music you’ve been into lately is linked, anything and everything is on the table for discussion.

2. You sometimes have conversations on social media that last at least a week. All of a sudden you get a message that says something like, “That’s exactly what I mean! And then I told him I just couldn’t do this anymore. Ugh.” For a second you’re confused and then you’re like, oh right, this is about the dude she’s been casually seeing.

3. You come home from the bar and you’re drunk and wanting to tell your BFF about all the randomness that happened but she’s most likely already asleep. The next day she responds and you have no clue what she’s referencing. Then you check the chat history. Ohhhh. Right. That.

4. You stock up on cards and stamps and actually know about the post office. Since you can’t be there IRL you’re always trying to send little notes or packages via snail mail to make her feel special.

5. You are constantly counting on your fingers to figure out what time it is for them and what they’re doing. When you’re out with your beau at midnight you’re thinking about how it’s 9 p.m. where your bestie is and OMG HOW IS HER DATE GOING YOU TRULY WANT/NEED TO KNOW.

6. You try to coordinate your Skype sessions weeks in advance. Sometimes one of you can’t wait that long and you wake up in the middle of the night to answer a call. Hey, when your BFF needs you sleep and work schedules don’t really matter.

7. You’re all over each other’s Instagrams like OMFG I MISS YOU I MISS (home city). When it comes to social media you’re each other’s #1 follower. Everything gets likes, comments, whatever.

8. You wake up at a random time and see they’re actually online and get crazy with excitement. But then they don’t respond because for whatever reason their Facebook just showed them logged on so you wait and wait then fall back asleep disappointed.

9. You brag to everybody about your friend that lives in such and such a country or city. “Yeah, she’s kind of a big deal now. She moved to Paris.” You love telling all your friends about the cool things your best friend is up to.

10. You talk all the time about whatever cultural differences there are, or laugh about them, and you’re pretty sure it’s made you vicariously more well travelled.

11. You both have a fund started for someone to go visit. You take turns visiting each other or plan fun vacays to a destination you both want to go to. If you go too long without seeing each other you feel LEGIT ANXIETY AND LONGING.

12. You know their schedule by heart and can basically premeditate by now when they’re going to be online. If they don’t get online you text them like, “omg, bb, are you okay?”

13. But then sometimes you just completely forget about the time difference. You’ll be in the middle of working on a spreadsheet or something at work and your friend calls you. HAMMERED. They totally forgot it’s the middle of the day for you. Drunken mid day calls are always hilarious when they’re from your bff.

14. You always talk to each other about one of you moving to where the other one is. You’ll go on and on about how great your city is, why they would absolutely without a doubt love it, about all the new people they’ll meet. Even if you both know it’s entirely unrealistic it’s fun to dream about being in the same place again.

15. One of your favorite things to do when you have time off is sit online, order a pizza or eat some ice cream, listen to music, and just talk to your best friend. Something about this is completely therapeutic. You’ll blow off your other friends if it means you get to gab with your bestie online and catch up on everything that’s been happening in your lives.

16. Even if your other friends or boyfriend haven’t met your BFF yet they already feel like they know them by proxy. You’re always giving them updates on something your bestie said or is doing. “Yeah, my best friend in Seattle went to that. She said it was incredible!” To know you is to know your best friend, regardless of the distance. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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