11 Things Guys Can Do To Make A Girl Fall Instantly


Regardless of where we are in life we always feel a little better when someone makes us swoon. Several ladies over at Ask Reddit answered the question, “What made you fall for a guy instantly?” Their answers might surprise you. 

1. Treat other people well.

I like watching their relationships with other people. How do they treat the waiter? the cashier? The lady with the walker having a hard time getting through the door? The person whose briefcase just vomited papers all over the floor? Are they kind? do they help?

2. Be passionate about something.

Him being passionate about something. I can’t stand the droves of guys I hear that are so desperate to find someone to dump their life and its problems on, that repeat stupid lines like “I’d adapt to whatever they wanted and liked, I don’t really care about my own things.”or “I’d have motivation to do things if only I had someone.”Bitch, that’s a fucking robot. Nobody wants a robot.

The last two guys I had a major crush on were able to speak about something they enjoyed and you could see that excitement in them as they spoke. One was motorcycles. I dont even like motorcycles. They terrify me. But hearing him talking about him fixing them, loving to ride them, loving to try new ones and other details I had no idea about was so simple but so attractive. Even when my best friend who I have no such feelings for starts going on about chemistry, my thoughts wander to “in another reality under different circumstances for myself, I could totally see myself being so very into him.”

My husband used super cheesy pick up lines on me constantly. I remember knowing I was going to marry him when he drunkenly threw pebbles at my window in the middle of the night just to ask if my daddy was a thief (because someone stole all the stars and put them in my eyes). I laughed so hard at him and, in his drunken state, he took the laughter as rude. He looked so dejected, like a child who had their hand slapped away from candy! I came down to let him in my house and made him some 2 A.M. dinner. Since that night four years ago, we have only spent a total of 5 nights apart. :)

I distinctly remember in the beginning of seeing this guy we were laying down cuddling on the couch and he started to just scratch and rub my back, and I instantly felt more feelings for him. It’s these little things guys don’t think about, but I’ll tell you: if you make a habit of scratching a girls head or back you’ll make her so much more happy.

If a guy has a sense of humor, I immediately like them. If they are sensitive and sweet, I immediately fall for them.

1. Dresses well.

2. Practices good personal and household hygiene (i.e. doesn’t leave pubes all over his toilet seat when a girl comes over…or ever). Boom, done.

7. Have some killer moves.

The way he danced. I’m not much for dancing, but I was at a club passing out fliers for an event, and he pulled me onto the floor. He moved so well that I actually felt sexy.


8. Show respect.

I invited my new boyfriend into to my apartment, and basically offered myself to him. He told me, “no.” He said that he really liked me, and wanted to save something for later, not have all of me at once. No one, I repeat no one had EVER had that much respect for me. Next month, we’ll celebrate our ninth wedding anniversary =)

Edit: (since people are making all kinds of incorrect assumptions about us).

I probably was a little confused about sex when this played out, which to me is all the more reason to wait.

A lot of people get really worked up about this topic, evidently. This is my experience, and it doesn’t mean I’m saying anyone else’s experience is wrong. I’m just answering the question! =)

We ended up waiting until we were married, to officially have sex. We played around sexually and did other things, but that is what we ultimately decided to do. And, I have to say, it’s worked out beautifully! There have been times where our marriage was struggling, and we stopped having sex for a time…but we’ve stuck together because our relationship was never based on sex. And today, almost nine years in, we are closer than ever and enjoy a really awesome sex life and friendship.

Some people can have sex early in the relationship, and still have a healthy relationship. They can still go out and have fun, and still get to know each other all while being in a sexual relationship. Both me and my future husband had been through a number of superficial relationships where sex was the main focus and none of them worked out. Sex got boring in those relationships and became expected, routine. He told me later that he liked me very much, and decided he wasn’t going to go that route.

Hey, all girls are different. If you’ve met a girl who doesn’t put all that emotional response into sex, and who doesn’t care if you love her before doing it, obviously this won’t work for you! But this girl fell head over heels for this weird guy who suggested waiting. Recommend 10/10!

9. Cook a great meal.

When he cooks that beef wellington perfectly and it’s a restaurant quality dish, spot on.

10. Be awesome with kids.

When I see him being good with kids.

11. Smell awesome.

A guy that smells amazing, is a gentleman and loves science like me. Spray on some cologne, hold open a door and ask me if I am made of copper and tellurium and my panties will drop.

Favorite pick up line: Are you made out of Copper and Tellurium because you sure are CuTe hahaha. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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