10 Things Facebook, Twitter And Instagram Addicts Fear

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

1. Having a witty, brilliant, perfect thought that’s over 140 characters. After you rewrite it to fit Twitter’s limits, it’s never quite the same. Grammar will be sacrificed or words rearranged and replaced by abbreviations – very unfortunate stuff that compromises the quality of the original Tweet.

2. Accidentally double-tapping on Instagram, or liking on Facebook, a picture that you had no business viewing in the first place. Maybe it belonged to an ex you were checking up on, or perhaps it’s someone who you aren’t friends with/don’t follow, but you enjoy lurking  occasionally. Either way, they’ll see that some stranger or former lover liked their picture, and you’ll be exposed for your prowling habits.


3. Realizing after the fact, that you’ve literally spent 10+ minutes of your day going back and forth, trying to decide on the right Instagram filter. Hudson? Valencia? 1977? Oh, boy – how am I supposed to decide?

4. Seeing new ‘notifications’ on Facebook and getting your hopes up, only to discover that it’s just someone’s invite to try ‘I want to add your birthday’ or play some ridiculous game. The disappointment multiplies if you were waiting on an important response and someone decided to request that you join them in some type of obnoxious Facebook gaming festivity.

5. Making the horrible mistake of turning on Facebook Chat. Someone will see the green “online” circle next to your name, and it will be one of the last people you want to interact with. They’ll be able to tell if you read their message too, so you will feel obligated to respond, leading to a lengthier conversation that you’d rather not be a part of.

6. Having the significant story-lines or character deaths that took place on their favorite show spoiled by a social network post. This is why social network junkies must tame their addiction on the nights their favorite TV series’ air. It’s brutal. I found out about a VERY significant death on The Walking Dead because it was a trending topic on Twitter. Traumatizing stuff. I wouldn’t wish such a significant spoiler on my worst follower.

7. That while you’re looking at some… “inappropriate” content, you might accidentally “Like” or share something to all of your friends and followers. Nobody wants their XXX viewing habits exposed, especially on a grand scale to every last acquaintance they’ve got.

10 Things Facebook, Twitter And Instagram Users Fear
8. Liking a picture from an old album, thus exposing the fact that you were engaged in a full-blown lurk session that went back to albums months or years old.

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9. Telling someone “You look great, you’ve lost a lot of weight” based on their picture, then being informed that the image is old and it’s throwback Thursday. This is why we must read the fine hashtag print or refrain from complimenting someone’s weight unless we’re seeing them in person.

10. Friend requests from parents. You can take days, even weeks to drag out the inevitable, but eventually you will have to accept them, giving them access to your social life.  Be prepared to reconsider just about everything you post, limiting yourself to PG-13 content and probably having to un-tag your existence in unflattering photos from time to time. TC Mark


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