How To Be Irreplaceable

How To Be Irreplaceable

What really defines being irreplaceable? From the jump, you’ve got to be open with embracing your unique self. Toss aside cookie cutter personalities, practicing common actions and molding yourself to be similar to what you know to be safe. Fitting in is comfortable. It can seem enticing to be well liked by the vast majority of people; avoiding stepping on any toes, offending others or having individuality that’s considered a little wacky or different.

Embracing who you are can be really difficult to do, especially for a modest, shy person. Many of the people comfortable in their own skin, saying what they feel and being who they are have an abundance of confidence. That self-assurance allows them to avoid acting and it usually oozes authenticity, while self-conscious script-fitting reeks of imitation. So the first and only step, really the overall key to being irreplaceable, is flourishing as the unique person you are. We’re lucky too because, as hateful as the current world can be, there’s never been a better time for the weird, zany personalities to flourish. The judgmental folks are going to do what they do best; condemn and hate on anything unknown or different. Don’t allow that to influence you, or shy you away from being open about who you are. Different is great. Different is irreplaceable.

For the longest time I’d get upset when I did or thought something dissimilar to those around me. I didn’t like handling myself unlike my acquaintances, or having contrasting interests from friends. It’s a battle I still struggle with, and at times, I’ll catch myself in the middle of an Oscar worthy performance, acting instead of simply being. To be irreplaceable, you can’t only recognize that you’re different; you’ve got to embrace it with open arms. Fuck what everybody else is saying, doing, eating, drinking, wearing. Not in a rude way, but fuck it! A decision for yourself should never be entirely based off of so-and-so’s choices.

So this is what happens. We get wrapped in the habit of conforming, trying to upkeep an unthreatening image, and going with the grain to avoid any potentially negative attention. We won’t be critiqued, we’ll be very agreeable and we’ll play a social game of monkey see, monkey do. When this happens, all of the things that make us a valuable person are sucked out and replaced with dull, basic-ness. No longer are we original, first editions, we’re carbon copied reprints. We’re a dime a dozen. Think about it, how many of your casual hangout friends are interchangeable? If you want to grab a beer or go shopping, there are probably a chunk of different people who can provide basic conversation, basic opinions, and basic-ass-company. If you’ve been suffocating the real you, you’re probably that basic person for several others.

Now consider the rare friend or family member who offers interaction that nobody else can. They aren’t like anyone you know, and what separates them from others might not even be describable. Some just have an aura or inimitable ways that you love and appreciate them for. This person offers something that only they can provide, can you say you do the same for someone? If you can’t answer “yes” without great certainty that you march to the beat of your own drum, chances are you ain’t carrying products that can’t be found everywhere else.

When talking about people, nobody is a literal necessity. Air, water and nourishment are required to maintain life, but a person never has to be around for you for your survival. There are those who enhance it and, by simply being themselves, make you happy to be in their company. Irreplaceable doesn’t quite mean necessary, but when someone finds you irreplaceable, that means you and you alone, offer them something that NOBODY else amongst the billions of other people in this planet can.

If it’s your jokes, they can meet other comedians. If it’s your advice, they can find amateur therapists. If it’s your happiness and love for life, there are other blissful people to hang out with. Yes, those people may be lovely, they may be similar to you or capable or imitating your ways, but there’s nobody who can be you, like you. If you feel like a misunderstood Martian, with odd taste, uncommon style and a different way of seeing things, embrace the hell out of it. Some people who come across you will love you, some may despise you, but they won’t be able to say they know anyone who makes them feel the way you do — and that, ladies and gentlemen, is irreplaceable. TC Mark

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