17 Types Of People There’s A Special Place In Hell For

  1. People who start to say something attention-grabbing, then stop short. EXAMPLE: “Oh my God! Did I tell you about what happened with Karen and I the other night?! — Actually, never mind…”
  2. Those pesky cell phone kiosk salespeople in the mall, who aggressively holler for your attention, even if you refuse to make eye contact.
  3. The obnoxious jackasses who clap at the end of movies. The cast and crew aren’t present in the theater, therefore your applause is unnecessary and pointless.
  4. Drivers who accelerate, cut right in front of you, and then go five below the speed limit.
  5. #People #who #Use #Hash #Tags #On #Facebook. To those of you who do this, the hash tag is meant to be used on Twitter, where it actually serves a purpose.
  6. People who clearly see you watching television, but still insist on talking over your show.
  7. Dog owners who let their beloved canines take dumps in the yards of others.
  8. Restaurant goers who don’t compensate good customer service. Most waiters/ waitresses survive primarily on their tips, so if you can’t afford the extra expense — don’t go out to eat.
  9. (a) Teachers/Professors who give homework over Spring Break and tests on Mondays. (b) Teachers/Professors who make Scantron tests that have answers under the same letter three or more times in a row. Even if I know the answer, it’s hard to select “B” three consecutive times.
  10. Social networkers who watch brand new episodes of different TV series and give updates as it plays out, spoiling it for those of us who aren’t watching live. (Twitter’s “Trending Topics” ruined multiple episodes of The Walking Dead for me and many others out there.)
  11. Grocery store shoppers who stand in the middle of an aisle with their cart, blocking everybody else.
  12. People who persistently attempt to talk to you when you have headphones in.
  13. People who constantly use the phrase “SWAG” and/or “YOLO”.
  14. People who see that you want their parking spot, so they take their sweet time getting into their car, moving at a snail’s pace.
  15. Inconsiderate customers who enter businesses with fewer than five minutes left before closing time. (Look, technically they aren’t in the wrong, but as an employee, this is beyond obnoxious.)
  16. Sick people who cough and sneeze without covering.
  17. Couples who constantly breakup, get back together and make a conscious effort to share every negative, ludicrous detail of their relationship with the world via Facebook. TC mark


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  • Anonymous

    18. Those who work at the DMV 

  • http://twitter.com/robin_schmobin Robin West

    Replace #14 with people who stalk you for your parking spot. 

    • http://baileypowell.com/ B

      Haha seriously. Total fatass move… just park, walk, and quit being creepy.

    • http://twitter.com/princessology Chakacoaster

       Whenever I see someone stalking me to my parking spot (I have even been HONKED AT to hurry to my car and leave!) I will openly walk to my car, get in the front seat, close the door, fiddle with my phone for a second, then get out and walk back into the store or whatever. I hate people. I WILL NOT BE RUSHED.

  • Ashleigh

    People who use “isle” instead of “aisle” :((

    • Guest

      What are you talking about dumb-ass, AISLE was used in the article, not isle.

  • http://baileypowell.com/ B

    This is a great list. Made my blood boil a little, so your mission=accomplished. :)

  • Erin

    This is a very good list. I would also add, people who don’t have any cell phone etiquette.  I don’t understand how people think it’s ok to talk to someone while they’re on the toilet, or having long, loud conversations when they’re with other people.

  • Sophia

    I don’t clap at the end of the movies (like you said, it’s kind of silly) but I also don’t think those who do are “obnoxious jackasses.” They obviously just liked the movie and are trying to express how they felt about it (however pointless it might be.)

    • http://twitter.com/shoshkabob Shosh

      Yeah I clap at the end of the movie just out of habit because if it’s really good I just… am moved to clap.

  • Ginny

    ^DMV is not that bad if you go to express stations

    and yes i totally agree with the last one omg!

  • Belisama


  • Kate

    People who make over 100 bomb threats in 2 months. Hail to Pitt.

  • Bre

    #7 will be the reason why I burn in hell. I’m not proud, believe me.  I’m working on it.

  • Anna

    Oh my god 15. 15 always. I give those customers evil eyes.

  • Chrisometh

    People who persistently attempt to talk to you when you have headphones in!#Thank You!

  • http://www.facebook.com/grc15r Gregory Costa

    Oh, spring break.  You are but a distant memory. 

  • Melissa

    nope…no, sorry. nothing you say is valid anymore. you’re the “19 Tips For Females In 2012” guy.

    • Interneter

      Shut up

  • Geoff

    Wait, why wouldn’t you want a Professor to give you a test on a Monday?  That’s the best day of the week to have one IMHO.  First you’ve got the weekend to study, or else de-stress, whichever you so choose.  Second you’re getting it out of the way at the beginning of the week before anything starts to pile up.

  • boohoo

    You, sir, have a lot of anger issues . None of those could even be considered relevant nuissances, well one or two are a tad annoying OKAY, but I don’t think Dante has reserved any special place for them in any of his circles. On the other hand though, irritable people who get annoyed at irrelevant stuff and spread pointless venom around because they are intolerant and devoid of patience…  #sorryformypointlessuseofhashtag

  • Duffy

    19. People who you barely know who “friend” you on social media, then spam you with requests to like their pages or go to their shows.

  • Jw314

    When did 20somethings become crotchety old men? Jesus. Calm the fuck down. 

  • Jessica

    to add to #6, people who clearly see you reading a book but still insist on trying to talk to you.

  • anonymous

    18. Men who hyperbolize everything that irritates them so that every slightly annoying person has a special place in hell reserved for them. Especially if said man previously wrote offensive sexist articles also in list form.

  • wzjradam

    Shut the fuck up and stop complaining. 

  • Email

    18. People who waste their time getting annoying at thinks like #hashtags on Facebook and people saying YOLO…

    19. People who spend time bitching about #17 instead of deleting the offenders

    But #15…yes. Those are the worst people. Right on

  • Alessandra


    • DO1

       *18: People who use the term “haters gonna hate”

  • Natalie

    Serious LOL at some of the feelings being felt in this comment section. YOU CAUSED ME TO READ SOMETHING TRIVIAL ON THE INTERNET THAT I DIDN’T AGREE WITH, AND IT MADE ME FEEL BAD. Real talk though, this isn’t a bad idea for a list, and the points you made were pretty relatable.

    However, I think if you made use of hyperbole and more specific examples, it’d probably be funnier. Example: “beloved canines”. Pretty general, yeah? Why not “drooling mongrels”, or something (better than that) that lends itself more to the whole overstatement thing you have going on in the title. I mean, “People there’s a special place in hell for”? Pretty intense shit there. If you went with that, it’d probably be more successful.

    Just one citizen of the internet to another, take it as you see fit!

  • Danaynay

    haha Fist World Problems much? 

    • Guestropod

      Fist World has a lot of serious problems

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